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Café Wednesday Nov. 2

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Growing Pains

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Holy heck, it's past midnight! Lost track of time. I really didn't think it was this late!

The new gerbil is really taking to me. His curiosity is adorable. Opposed to running and hiding when someone enters the room, he comes out of his nest to see what's going on and waits at the front for attention. He plays with me now, too. I can hold a toilet paper roll in there for him and he'll run back and forth through it and push at it with his nose. Really making progress with him already.

Haven't gotten much else done. Though, it is only 12:30 am!

I Believe I Can Fly was the "theme song" for my elementary school. I used to have to sing it every single day. One of the few things I remember about elementary school.


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hi alex and shark dogs.. morning to both of you.. R kelly does justice to this song.. james ingram also sings this one very well..

john with katie and i got mixed feelings about that.. glad can crank simon adn garfunkel's cd at a noisy level but at same time i miss the little guy a lot.. same old story.. not that happy with the way things are most times.. oh well..

my best friend in the world in colorado probably has lung cancer again says her onocologist.. she trying to hold it together but scared and terrified she is.. almost got her last time and we both scared terribly this time it will get her.. subject of her came up again yesterday with my therapist before i got the news.. probably should email tara today and lay this news on her..

going to watch some more season 3 of lie to me and work toward finishingwith this boxed set.. do some music also.. getting totally involved with driving game for half hour sounds good also.. cannot do troubles at 200mph around the curves and cars..

got 8 and 1/2 horus till zoomies returns and a bit more sleep is a gotta and will just try to take it easy till then..

you take care out there.. jim


morning has broken by cat stevens..

Mr Stewart

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good afternoon coffee forum people.

Tough night last night and day for me today. The water heater in my apartment broke around 9pm last night. Leaked all over the place. Bad anxiety about it in the evening, could not sleep properly. Bad anxiety all day too. It's fixed now. I'm doing the best I can to calm down. It's hard. I don't feel safe anymore.
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