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Cafe Friday Oct. 28

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Good morning everyone! :) I just finished watching the St. Louis Cardinals win over the Texas Rangers in dramatic fashion, 10-9, in 11 innings. Series now tied 3-3, headed to a winner-take-all Game 7 tonight! Major league baseball, what a series!! How are you all? I hope you all have a pleasant day..take good care...Alex

"Who Knew" - Pink

Mr Stewart

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Good morning Alex and coffee forum folk. It's 12:49am here. Just on the computer drinking my newly purchased gingerbread flavoured tea. Trying to settle brain down so I can sleep in a couple hours.

music. here. this is the intro to the show that my forum signature is referencing. it's called The Prisoner. It's a good show. very clever and pleasantly weird.

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hi Mr, alex and stewart.. got the prisioner on dvd but not gotten around to watching this one yet.. liked the link stewart..

i got some sleep but need more .. need to shave, bath and clean clothes today for me and JOhnny.. would like to mall walk at 7.. besides washing clothes that about all the chores.. rest is entertainmetn mostly.

lately frigging totally f**king crazy with the electronic gadgets and dvd shopping.. also the smoking is way over the top also.. well today going to try to hold it to a pack and same for a week.. also no more amazon till the 15th of november.. there are 2 dvd movies will buy during that period at target or best buy.. no more dingdong!!!!

so there jimbo..LOL sort of

hope your day is a good one..tc, Jim and John


miss you by the stones..

Mr Stewart

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it is 3:25am now and I really do need to attempt to sleep. okay. okay I will do that. I'm going. I am. Go.

Beware the giant bubble. :bubble:

alright I'm off.


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ah good morning one and all - now I know what your signature refers to Mr. Stewart-that takes me back to being a nipper- I loved that show....

Hope everyone can reduce their obsessions and addictions today to"Moderate"shall we say lets all be moderate shall we???? Lets all be moderate and calm - you know it makes sence- take care my loveliesxx


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the holding down the cig intake went astray a lot.. oh well , will see if possible tomorrow ??

we mall walked.. stopped at starbucks which was open after and johnny and i shared small americano.. home and we did shaves, baths, clean clothes and washing the dirty now.

also asked mental health center to have doc G's med nurse to give me a call today or next week about if i can increase either my trazodone or mirtazapine to try and get a bit more straight thru sleep..

off now to fire up car driving video game for a bit then watch bluray of Dressed to Kill.. guess we doing ok adn hopefully saying so will not jinx it..

jim adn john
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