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Cafe Monday Oct. 10th

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by jimk, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Morning out there.. how's it going??? i got about 5 hours of sleep so far.. zoomies thank goodness still snoring away..

    i got to do some more cleaning of house for visit tomorrow from john's state caseworker.. will get to this... also want to shave, bath and shampoo both of us today.. also going to watch some more of tv show frings on dvd.. also need to get ahold of couple of friends on phone today..

    also thinking johnny and i going to mall walk again at about 7am.. along with the grandma and grandpa set today.. they more our pace than steph ..going to get the needed stuff done early just so it's done today..wish me luck with this and that i do not plop my ass on couch and watch boob tube instead..

    coffee is done now.. off to that couch and a marlboro i go .. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and JOhn
  2. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I like the spirit of this thread. Not much going on here, Jim, just waiting till breakfast at 7 AM so I can eat and then go to bed.. Need to get to bed since I haven't been to bed since I woke up at 5 pm on Saturday! Nothing new going on at my end, anyways.. you have a good morning.. tc...Alex
  3. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    drinking some chai green tea. its pretty tasty...
  4. hornbeam

    hornbeam Well-Known Member

    Good morning all - drinking one cup of tea and trying to cut down on cigarettes.
  5. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    I want a cigarette but I quit months ago...
  6. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    alex, get some sleep... need it

    subject of cigarettes is mine often and it seems others here.. tea or coffee and the darn lil cancer sticks go together bettter than stink on shit.. sorry..LOL after visit of john's caseworker i am going to try again to kick the damn things.. might be easier to grow wings..LOL

    zoomies got some sleep last night.. that was great for both of us.. just a bit breakfast and try to get moving..
  7. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    got to 7-11 for milk.. balanced checkbook with online.. cleaned counters in kitchen. swept floors and mopped.. all this after we mall walked with the senior set..

    shaved us.. baths adn shampoo for johnny.. doing my own hair was more than i could do this time again.. maybe next time?? LOL

    when sun gets up enuf to see the carpets going to use my two appliances to do the main part of carpet and the other for around the edges.. othter than clearing the coffee table and moving some more stuff tomorrow morning before john's caseworker gets here we are ready..

    now got about 10 hours to fill with stuff i like..
  8. Animosity

    Animosity Forum & Chat Buddy

    Omg, everyone that has posted in this thread before me has such a cute avatar! :)
  9. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    @Krista: I know, right? So do you! :) Love FTW. How's you and Sam?

    @Jim & zoomies: I did, finally. Hope you are having a good day... Oct. 10 has passed by so incredibly fast!

    As for me, I'm just about to head over to eat dinner, as the place closes at 8 PM (1 hour 27 min. from now). The Tigers are playing vs. the Rangers in the Bottom of the 8th inning, and it's all tied up 3 a piece!! Nelson Cruz hit a home run in the bottom of the 7th... Anyways, I will be following the boxscore of that game as time goes on.. I am more excited about the Brewers playing the Cardinals tonight. The Brewers have such an infectious team spirit IMHO!!

    Anyways, cheers, and catch up with you all soon again today I hope...tc..Alex
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