Cafe Monday Oct. 24th

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morning ppl.. how's it going today??? got some sleep but a needin' more for sure.. feeling sort of ok atm.. not wired yet with the wakeup juice is ok.. today got to get to pharmacy and pickup some pills..would like to mall walk again.. not much more that got to get to..

off to couch for a smoke.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John

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Good evening coffee house people. I certain hope your day has been a good one as well, Jim.

Been a fairly uneventful day for me. Feeling under the weather right now. I'm thinking my sister was right when she said riding in the car with the window rolled down while my hair was wet was a bad idea. But I wanted a smoke and it's not my fault her car has no ashtray!

My day hasn't exactly been good, but it's better than yesterday was and hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. Just doing it one day at a time right now. Just one day at a time.

Hope everyone else is doing good. I wish you all well. :hug:
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