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Cafe Monday Oct. 31st

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morning out there... how's it going today??? got some sleep and johnny still sawing wood atm.. today got to clean up for crack of dawn appt with therapist tara tomorrow early morning. not too much more on gotta list.

think will try to do fish patties , rice a roni and \green beans for our dinner tonight.. johnny loves that..

going to watch some more season 3 of lie to me with tim roth and kelli williams.

coffee is ready.. off to couch now.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John


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Good morning everybody .sounds like another busy day for you, Jim. Me... I have about 2 and a half hours or so left at work then its home to play a little bit of the 360... maybe jump on the PS3 and play some Sims 3 or play Mario Kart or Super Mario Brother on the Wii. Then its time to sleep until its time to take the kid Trick or Treating. then back to work

Yeah...my day is a boring one as usual. Its all my usual activities except for the Trick or Treating.

Hope everybody has a good day.

Mr Stewart

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cute. :smile:

Hi Jim and Zombie Pringles and Zombie (without Pringles) and coffee forum people.

Monday day off work for me. Construction guys are not here in the house today, maybe they are taking a day off. I am glad. Much better sleep this morning without their accompanying noises.

I pulled back the drapes this morning and saw the harbinger of winter dread out on the lawn. It snowed overnight. First of the season. Very pretty. But it's nice enough outside still now. This evening I will make a run to the grocery store to restock my supply of muffins and get a new duster.

Laundry in progress. Breakfast soon. Maybe polish off the Batmans game.


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Greetings, all! My day's going alright. Tonight, I'll probably watch re-runs of DWTS since I'll be sitting in the dining room with the computer while giving out candy for Halloween! :halloween It's getting really cold here. Steeb is dressing up? Awesome!! :superman:

Hope y'all folks have a pleasant evening...Alex
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