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Cafe Saturday Oct.; 15th

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morning, how you doing today??? katie having stuff at work again so johnny with me now.. currently he is sleeping peacefully..

not much at all on my gotta list for today..watch some more of frings, few recorded tv shows on dvr.. little bit of driving game. would sort of like to wash my bedding and make my bed fresh for tonight..

coffee done perking so time for my first cig also.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John


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Best wishes to you as well!! Enjoy your day, and take care!

Nothing special going on for me today.... :stereo: :headphones: :whistling:

Cheers to all of y'all...Alex


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got some more sleep nand slowly going thru the process of waking up.. john up at 5am the last 3 mornings.. that ok it has been worse.. going to get zoomies his coffee in just a minute.. think we will mall walk today.. also going to be able to hold it to a pack today with the marlboros.

all in all it looks like this day a touch above ok.. tc, Jim adn John

total eclipse

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been calling everyone for some advice but again noone around on weekend so called pharmacist who helped some will go to work tonight take care


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hi eclipse.. glad pharmacist was able to help you some.. hope work goes good also..

got us to neighborhood mall and we walked 27 minutes.. stopped at 7-11 and picked up week supply of milky way bars.. shaved my grisly face... did new video game Rage until got stuck adn then saved till i get a chance to look at manual for help.. raced brand new porsche class R2 in next race.. saved and noticed next race for tomorrow is at Le Mans.. will be waiting with some glee...LOL

doing good at holding the cig intake for the day to a pack.. upon arising at midnight did not smoke until the coffee was ready.. was suprised i manage to do that so just maybe there is some hope for me..

been an hour and half since last marlboro.. think will brew me and johnny some more coffee and then indulge again..

feeling pretty good today.
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