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Cafe Saturday Oct. 29

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Welcome to the Oct. 29 Cafe Thread! May you all have a pleasant day! :) Let us know how you all are doing, how your day is going; feel free to share whatever you'd like (e.g. music). All the best...Alex

Mr Stewart

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Good evening coffee people and Alex. You've jumped the gun here. It is still the 28th in my time zone. tsk. :poke:

Today I tossed and turned through more loud construction noises from upstairs this morning. Went to work. Saw lots of people in costumes heading to the campus bar to drink themselves silly- in costumes. :laugh:

I am home now and plan to hop in the shower shortly then make some perogies for supper.


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hi alex and stewart.. john with momma tonight.. i am sort of just plain tired atm.. got to get some more sleep somehow.. hopefully with john not returning home till noon will get some more sleep tonight.,.

can't think of much that is urgent today.. back to couch now ..hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim

Growing Pains

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Good afternoon cafe people. I'm just working on taming my gerbils. Not much taming to do for the new one since he came pretty much already tamed. The first one, though, likes to run and hide from me. So, it's hard taming him when he's in a big ol' tank. I'll be trying to introduce them in two weeks. Wish me luck. If they take, they'll be tank mates. If not, I'll have two lone gerbils (which means I'll have to spend extra the time with both of them since gerbils get lonely).

Today marks the second anniversary of my late American bulldogs passing. He was old when he passed, so it's kind of bitter sweet in a way. He passed away at a rip ol' age. I'll probably remain inside all day regardless. The two year mark isn't as hard as the first year mark, though.

Bought aspen shavings for the new gerbil today and got him a little edible hide away house. He's loving both of them. Carried off a lot of his bedding to his little nest. Other than that, I haven't gotten much done today. I think I'm going to take a lazy day. Wish I had the money to order take out. If I did, I would even skip cooking!


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Good morning everybody. Just watching Girl, interrupted. Then I'm gonna make some pancakes and watch something else. Then its on to more videogames before bed.
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