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Cafe Sunday Oct. 16th

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morning ppl.. how's it going??? john with momma and i kind of like my freedom atm. that i can not have to worry about the volume of my music and waking up my son..


cat stevens and morning has broken..

john should be back home by noon.. fore then i am going to get a bit more sleep.. then wash my bedding adn remake both our beds.. watch the last of season 3 of tv show fringe..

got a bit more than 2 packs of marlboro left in my possession.. think late afternoon monday will be all smoked or drowned and i will then start the process of doing without the cursed things.. got my commit lozenges ready and new unexpired script.. pretty fucking resolved to give this a super human effort to kick this bloody ass habit.

#1 reason is my whole and constant love for my dear son johnny..

time to fill my cup.. put on journey's greatest hits and just lose myself in the music for a little while..

hope you are ok and doing good.. jave a good one and take care, Jim
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