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Cafe Sunday Oct. 23rd

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morning out there.. how's it going??? i got some fiteful sleep so far.. up to pee most of night though not having any liquids since 5pm.. oh well bod is old i guess.

had my nicotene lozenge and now a cup of coffee.. missing a marlboro mightily atm.. oh so many years of habit to fight..

we need shaves, baths and clean clothes today..watch last disc of tv show in treatment.. bit more of video game.. not much else on schedule currently..

off to couch to listen to some music.. tc, hope your day is a good one.. Jim


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I'm just watching some Grey's Anatomy. Gonna eat some leftover enchiladas in a bit then play videogames until football comes on.


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hello again.. after posting first one here to day in this thread, got in car and up to 7-11 for pack of marlboros.. could not handle not having one then.. well the difference is today i am spacing the cigs rather than chaining one after another.. hopefully tomorrow morning will have a couple left to get me over that worrisome time..

john slept good adn joined me at 5am... we did breakfast listened to music till 7 then mall walked 2 and 1/2 laps.. next to exit is a starbucks and i went in first time... a small americano was hot, smooth , good and enuf to share with johnny.. at $2.45 not going to do this all the time though.. felt good to do some healthy stuff with son johnny.

shaved, bathed adn clean clothes for both of us.. talked to katie who called while i was in tub and yes, she is taking john for the afternoon and for dinner today.. now got to figure out what is wholesome that i can do during that???? Jim

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hi Jim and mister pringles and coffee people. I went to work early this morning on not enough sleep and finished out the day without crashing my car or losing my job. So that's alright. Back home now and planning to eat soon. Perhaps later I will play the Batmans game and then finish up more work.
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