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Cafe Sunday Oct. 30th

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morning out there.. how you doing today??? i despite some real intense dreams actually stayed asleep 3 or 4 more hours than usual last night.. not sure wth that was all about..

sunday huh.. katie hopefully will take john at noon for dinner and then he back home for bed.. litle drving game as i am just a touch away from highest driving class.. little more lie to me final season.. little more kindle reading also.. just going to play it loose today..

coffee done so off to couch and a marlboro. hope your day is a good one. tc, Jim and John


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good morning Jim - its 10.00 here - our clocks went back last night - so we will be having darkness coming sooner in the evening.

Im just off for a marlboro too - do you buy yours in hard or soft pack.

Hope you enjoy your games and your reading. L.


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((hornbeam)) morning to you.. glad to have some company now.. 7-11 only sells hardpacks , singularly or carton.. that is ok with me..LoL i am sort of a hard case myself..LOL

got just 3 packs of marlboros left now.. am entertaining notions of when they gone i am going on the wagon again and do the nicorette lozenges instead.. frankly at 3 in the morning that sounds a bit dreastic..LOL sort of..

you take care out there.. Jim

Growing Pains

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Is it really time to set the clocks back again? Heck, is it really almost November? I only just flipped my Calender to October. I think that's called denial. Darn.

Good morning coffee house folks. It's 7:30am here (I think, I'm not 100% sure my laptop clock sets automatically) and I haven't been to bed yet. I've been on a writing spree. Got a chapter done. Watched season three of Malcolm in the Middle while doing so. It's been cold tonight without a heater. I can definitely tell that the cold days are right around the corner. Need to get a heater before Winter sets in. Especially with the gerbils here now.

Haven't had a cigarette in two or three days. Not by choice but because I haven't been able to afford the brand I smoke. I'm a Newport smoker and those are running almost six dollars a pack here. (That's not too bad. I hear in some places, they're going for double that. Yikes) I'm getting hungry. Might climb out of bed for breakfast soon. Might go to bed instead. I don't know. I haven't decided yet.

I hope everyone has a good day and all that stuff.


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We went mall walk forabout 25minutes.. then to walmart for Halloween on bluray which I already have.. did car racing game up to point of last race in the season which will get to tomorrow . caught diary up to now

doing good.. so is JOhnny.. time for a little more of dvd television show lie to me along with a marlboro and cup of wakeup juice... as if i need more coffee..LOL

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Afternoon everybody.

I had some difficulty extracting myself from bed this morning but the day turned out alright anyway. Nice weather, very quiet at work so I was able to get a lot of reading in while I was there. Eon by Greg Bear. I like it quite a bit so far.

Will be meeting The 'Da and his wife for dinner this evening. Have not seen them in over a month. We will discuss the same things discussed last month, and the same things will be discussed one again next month or two when we meet once more. So it goes.

Happy Halloween tomorrow.
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