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Cafe Sunday Oct. 9th

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this daily thread used to be a part of the daily posts quite awhile ago here.. it is for anyone who wants to say how's it going in their day... what's happened recently that's important.. your to do list.. and also what you got done and how that makes you feel.. also give you the opportunity to talk to other's who posted before you..

day started early for me around midnight..l shortly after heard son johnny tearing his bed down cause it was wet.. then him bringing it all wet out to be washed.. by that time i had gotten over the shock that this was going to be a slightly longer day than usual.. johnny is very lucky i love him dearly..

washed the bedding and remade bed and finally we got back to bed for a bit more sleep.. katie my ex is supposed to take zoomies at noon for the afternoon and dinner.. she has been having troubles at work \for months now so after sun gets up will give here a call and very gently find out if she is a yes or no for the day????

tuesday morning john's state caseworker coming out for her annual visit.. think will do a little more cleaning of all the dust fuzzles hanging around.. play a little more of car driving game on xbox.. catch up my diary some.. and watch some more of season 3 of fringe tv show on newly purchased dvds..

off now to fix us breakfast.. hope your day is a good one.. tc,, Jim adn John


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johnny and i got to mall and ran into college girl steph in her halter top and tight shorts.. john loves her and she plays flirt with him all the time while we mall walk..

got to safeway and got everything was low on.. talked to kris the checker while she rung everything up.. she's a darling.. got vaccum out and went fuzzle collecting.. not too much left for tuesday morning now..

katie my ex called as we walked back thru the door and after some chatter she said she will take zoomies for the afternoon today..

realized my eyeglasses were just dirty and i was not blind again adn cleaned the darn things.... tell myself everytime that will remeber this the next time!!! but i don't...LOL Jim


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I am so glad you two are so fortunate to have each other. :hug:

Here, midnight began and I listened to music while going on SF until 7 am, when I think I went to do laundry. Then, I came back, was on SF and listening to music until 11, when I had lunch. And, when I came back, I got on SF and listened to music until now.. 2:18 PM now. That's my day right there!

Jim, I know I said this already, but you and zoomies have a good day. :) Tc...Alex

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Going to try this out.

Slept like a baby throughout the night on account of having fallen asleep sick and woke up at eleven. Cooked a breakfast of one of those Jimmy Dean skillets, hashbrowns, and some chocolate Danish bread I found at the dollar store the other day. It was good. :D Played World of Warcraft for about an hour before my mother and I went to feed Princess - the pit bull shepherd mix that isn't our dog (yet) but that we take care of. I then went to Big Lots to pick up some food for my Corgi mutt to hold her over until I can afford that Wellness stuff she loves from PetSmart. I hate feeding her Purina ONE... but when times are hard, you do what you have to and it's the only store brand stuff her sensitive tummy can handle. While I was there, I, also, found a book called The Underdog - a book about mutts - that I picked up because it looked interesting. Got home at two and changed the dogs paper and the cats litter box. (Yuck, worst part of the day, but someone has to do it!) Let our Pomeranian out of his crate and our pit bull out of her room and watched as all the dogs proceeded to get the zoomies all over the house. They calmed down and I got on the computer and now, here I am at almost four.

Still have to feed the dogs (and cat) in an hour, exercise the dogs, cook dinner, and do the dishes. Oh, the life of being an adult now. You get used to it after a while.

Glad to see your days went okay. :hug:
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