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Cafe Sunday September 1st

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by jimk, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    morning out there.. how you doing today???? sleep was on and off again all night so far..finally just gave up..lol johnny sleeping thru all my antics.. the rain we finally got in the seattle area last week or so has the grass and weeds growing again.. got to put the cord in the weedeater and go to war today.. if successful there then drag out the mower and finish with it for awhile.. starting to look bad..

    did finish the 20th and last season of law and order on dvd yesterday.. glad that is done now.. time to move on.. Katie to make up for not being able to take john much is saying she will take him tonight for dinner and overnight.. she having a lot of trouble with her arthritis so we shall see?? would like to go to office depot today and get some more plain white paper for printer.

    after doing the lawn I hope I am just going to try to relax and have a good day.. hope is also a good day for you.. tc, Jim and John


    simon and Garfunkel and bridge over troubled waters....
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    Morning All

    So glad August is done and over- I do not believe that any month should have 310 days .... certainly seemed like it. With September the wife (school teacher) and kids will be back at school most the day during the week and I am sorry to say I am truly looking forward to more quiet around the house. Hopefully the time constraints of my new side job will be far more reasonable now as well and i will not be so busy. I have now decided that being bored is far from the worst thing in the world and sincerely hoping for a few more boring days in the coming weeks.
  3. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Good morning! :)

    Have been up for a while but daydreaming. About to head for a bit.

    Jimk, what is next on the DVD list? I hope Katie is all right and can take John for dinner and overnight. Good luck with the lawn and here's to a relaxing day!
    NYJmpMaster, so good to see you! :hug: I can relate to enjoying quiet. Hope it's all settles down just right for you!

    Happy Sunday, everyone. :)
  4. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Heyroo! Welcome, welcome coffee posters and observers!

    This 4 day weekend is already half over!?!? My mom will say something about it. The weekend is going too fast! Pretty soon it will be Tuesday, and she will have to go back to work. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    Tommy Tom wants food. since he was standing on mah belleh just now! Funny kitty.

    I am still kinda tired. I bet I will get some sleep this afternoon...

    Tommy Tom says heyroo!

    Take care and :hug: !

    -Jason and Tommy Tom
  5. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    HI NYJ, Acy and lightbeam.. new computer just a few days old and woke this morning to it already having been invaded by demons.. popups and update buttons to maybe push.. answered none of this and did a system restore .. took forever but when done I had control again on this puter.. had to reinstall some programs and call Norton to get their software uninstalled.. gave them control and like always amazed at how easy things are for the pros..lol when she was done I installed Kaspersky's internet protection..

    knock on wood things ok now.. now got to search for the energy to go do the yard work.. not sure going to find that energy???
  6. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    we got an hour's nnap and then sucked it up and out I went to weedeat and mow.. was in middle 80's which was too hot.. stopped a couple of times and came inside to drink some water.. rain for next 5 days in forecasrt so really glad I got this done... almost chickened out..lol
  7. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    afternoon everybody,

    was busy day at work for me today. residence move-in day for all students living on the campus of my university. i was involved with coordination of traffic control, which involved a great deal of standing out under the sun trying to talk some coherence into the apparent hundreds of other people flooding my department's radio channel. i mean who in god's name are all these people? i don't remember signing out that many radios. o__0 this day is always a disaster. today was reasonably controlled disaster though, so I say a job well done and to hell with all of it until we have to do it again next year.
  8. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    morning good ppl.. how's it going today???? son johnny with his momma tonight and I am listening to an old cd full of my favorites found in the stacks.. feels good at midnight to crank up the receiver and all the speakers at a good volume... love my Mr. Coffee also..

    in a bit going to call HP technical support and see if on oldest working puter they can tell me where the wireless enable and disable button is on the darn thing.. manual is buried in the mess out in garage and not a bloody clue.. if can get wifi a goin' , going to move old puter to 3rd bedroom and use new windows 8 as my main computer.. that's why I got book windows 8 for dummies on kindle and dvd... would like to learn I think..lol

    would like to get to office supply store today and get some more printer paper.. also wally's world for a replacement lamp for 3rd bedroom.. get this all done will be happy some..

    hope is a good day for you.. tc, Jim


    all along the watchtower by jimi Hendrix.....
  9. letty

    letty Banned Member

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    Hi Jim an everyone one in cafe, miss you all, been away for a while due to illness, not getting any better. its scary. not much to due other than get certain treatments done today, have spinal tap. hope you have a great day Jim and hope you get your errands done and that computer connected to wi fi, you said new windows 8 computer? good for you. have a good day everyone.
  10. Butterfly

    Butterfly Sim Addict Staff Alumni SF Author SF Supporter

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    Good morning everyone!

    Good luck with sorting out the old computer, Jim!

    Sorry to hear you've been so unwell again letty, hope the spinal tap goes okay :hug:

    As for me, just having a relaxing day before the dreaded night shifts. Boohoo. Poor me :(
  11. shedhaddock

    shedhaddock Banned Member

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd


    Happy Monday People :D
    Well, I say happy but im not too happy. I went to bed at some point this morning and was wide awake after like 4 hours. Im not grumpy about that though. I was supposed to be doing my friends hair for her today but after learning about her "gossiping" at the weekend, I don't want to answer the phone or reply to texts from her. I just don't need people like that in my life.

    Im still waiting for Amazon to deliver more parcels for me ..... I am trying to be patient but I like opening parcels. Perhaps I should be a postman instead of wanting to be in the police??? Hmmmmm......

    I had some broccoli & stilton soup for dinner. I was saving it for a special occasion but I needed to eat and have energy. Now I just need coffee and cake for my afternoon of doing not very much :D

    Maybe ill make some scones later, it might help me feel better.

    I'll be floating around most of the day today

    Pinky :flypig:
  12. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    Good morning! :)

    Star woke me up at 4 a.m. I rolled over and stayed half-asleep until nearly 6 a.m. Got up and fed my little princess and had my first coffee. Still tired, so I went back to bed. Slept for about an hour. Feel much better now! :)

    Jimk, I hope you get hold of the HP support and get the wi-fi worked out. Also, good luck with finding a lamp and getting printer paper today.
    Letty, so good to see you! I'm sorry you have been unwell. :hug: I hope the spinal tap today goes all right.
    Butterfly, have a good relaxing day to get yourself ready for the dreaded night shift! I hope it goes well.
    Endeavour, grrr to gossipy friends. I always find it disappointing when someone does that. Broccoli and stilton soup sounds fabulous! Homemade? (If yes, please send recipe! Please, please, please!) I hope your parcels arrive today. :)

    I didn't get out to see Dad yesterday, so I will do that this afternoon. I've got veggies to prepare for the freezer. And that's about it. A quiet day. Which is just fine by me. :D

    Hope everyone has a great Monday! :)
  13. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    Heyroo all!http://www.fatsecret.com/

    Woke up at 8... Going to continue downloading the German Language Pack. Then I shall start learning Spanish when I redownload the Spanish Language Pack that I seem to have lost. I need to to get that, in order to study.

    Jim, hope you get the wireless working!

    Letty, hope you are getting better.

    Lexi, you have you on your evening shift! It should be all quiet.

    Pinky!!! Gossip is just wrong. Mmmmm... the soup sounds tasty! Will want recipe if homemade! nomnomnom

    Acy, I'm gglad thaat you got some more sleep. ope you see Dad today.

    Tommy Tom says heyroo!

    We are off!

    -Jason and Tommy Tom
  14. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Re: Cafe Monday Sept 2nd

    Happy Labour Day coffee forums. I had to work but am home now. work was quiet. :bored:
  15. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    morning out there.. how's it going today???? puter acting up again first thing this morning.. PITA..lol see if I can do this post or not???? not a lot on my gotta list today.. think will just go back to bed to start with..no wild dreams please!!!!

    hope is a good day for you.. tc, Jim and John


    gary jules nad mad world....
  16. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Re: Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    Good morning! :)

    I'm sipping on coffee and Star has been fed and has gone for an after breakfast snooze. I'm not doing much today. Might go to the library at some point. Or maybe I'll leave that for tomorrow. :noidea:

    Jimk, I hope the puter starts working right for you! A short gotta list is good. :)

    Wishing everyone a good day!
  17. shedhaddock

    shedhaddock Banned Member

    Re: Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    :drum: Everybody's changing and I don't know whyyyyyy...

    Yes I am singing in the shower while getting a coffee - im a multi-tasker like that :tickled_pink:

    My meeting has been moved forwards from 5:15 to 4:15 with the chance of being interrupted. Cant say im happy about possibly having others close to my meeting, but I cant bare to carry this hurt anymore, been carrying it all weekend.

    Happy coffee day to all :flypig:
  18. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Re: Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    Acy and Star hope a good and easy day for both of you..

    Pinky, hope your meeting goes ok and helps you..

    Went back to sleep and woke in a fog bank everywhere which is taking forever to clear some!!! Hope Johnny can put up with me until I am in better shape????
  19. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Re: Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    good morning coffee forums,

    day off today and laundry in progress. busy week at work is complete and I am glad. now back to regular routine for the next few months.

    looks like a nice day outside today. cloudy and a little bit cooler than recent. might do a bike ride this afternoon.
  20. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Re: Cafe Tuesday Sept 3rd

    Heyroo all coffee patrons ad observers!

    How is everyone today? I hope you doing good.

    I should have all my Spanish stuff done and downloaded in the next 4 hours. Then I can officially start my studying of Spanish. I need to do my writing 1010 and communications 1010 stuff today too. Just a refresher before going to university. I am going to get more books ob writing from the local community college for me to go through before I start next fall. Maybe I can rent them. We'll see I suppose.

    Tommy Tom is napping at the foot of the bed.

    I am off to do some more studying.

    ttyl! :hug: to all

    -Jason and Tommy Tom
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