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morning good ppl. how you doing today???? up in middle of night as usual and so far my music not woken up son zoomies.. went 12 hours without a smoke and then couple of times the urge to take the quick trip to the 7-11 ofr a pack came hard.. 3 rd time i just went and got the darn things. going to try to just do 4 or 5 a day for few days and conserve the damn things and pack..

got to pay a bill and call credit card company since bill is overdue in the mail and make sure i got correct details and address to just write a check and mail to them tomorrow..

would like to mall walk again this morning.. katie my ex has some new office help at her business. yesterday she told me she will take johnny for friday night. got my fingers crossed this will happen.. love the little guy but we both need a break.

one more marlboro with a fresh cup now.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John
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Quitting smoking is very hard... I have been there before. As for me... I always have mixed feelings about fridays. On one hand..I get 2 days off from work... on the other hand... I have to spend those days at "home" Not something I really enjoy.... hence the mixed feelings. Hopefully this weekend I can just maybe get some reading done and distract myself with movies and/or games.
giving up smoking is horrible eh? i gave up 2 yrs ago - went cold turkey from 20 / day. needed to be very VERY VERY strong willed about it - almost gave in on a daily basis. i dont even think about it anymore though apart from when im very stressed..... good luck with it - its worth quitting....

im glad its friday!! i spend most of each week looking forward to Fridays.... so its a bugger when its monday :p


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morning Sparkle and ZombiePringle.. son johnny came out to join me at 3am while ago.. mixed a bit about that but love him so much and very glad to have him with me now for sure.. also this means he will probably sleep for momma tonight is very good also..

his smile could charm the underwear off the devil.. so warm and loving for someone who is supposed to be disabled.. he gives me faith, strength and everything else good... both sitting next to each other doing cups of coffee.

this war of mine with the marlboros is something that i can only do full on or full off and moderation is not somethign i know how to do in the slightest..after the morning call rush to the stop smoking clinic i will give them a recoup period and then will call and share our thoughts on me and smoking together for short bit..

i really do want to quit this but atm not quite sure how to do it yet.. don't stop believing by journey hits a note in me.. Jim and jOhn
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