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Cafe Thursday Nov. 10th

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morning, hope you are ok.. i am snowed in from the champ;agne with the shrimp last night.. hopefully will start to wake up soon.. today got to shave, baths, and clean clothes for the two fo us..not much more that gotta do.. little more of car driving game.. and a movie and call it good..

hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John


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Hi Jim,

Still half-asleep in my neck of the wood. Just put a few logs in the stove, so it'll be toasty when the rest of the house gets up. Hopefully I will get around to tackle some of the paperwork. wish you a very good one.


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morning isabel.. hope the logs on the fire do the trick warmly for all with you..

i sobered up during few more trips in and out of bed.. thank god as the condition made me remember just why i have not done hard liquor for more than 32 yrs.. drunk is a sorry state even from champagne..

johnny just came out to living room and with me now.. moring zoomies hon..

Mr Stewart

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Hi Jim and Isabel and coffee forum,

It was a very early morning today and much too busy at work. I'm home now and ready for relaxation. Chocolate chip muffin and coffee is on the menu just now. A new video game that I'm looking forward to comes out tomorrow. Weird day for a game release, usually they come out on Tuesdays. I guess they liked the symmetry of the of the date 11/11/2011, although I'm not clear on the rationale behind symmetrical release date and better sales. Memorable date? It's a holiday here in Canada that day so I hope the stores get their shipments in.

That's all for now. Have a nice day everyone.
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