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Morning, everyone! Jim & zoomies, I hope you wake up and check in here... Cheers, everyone.

I'm listening to music and hanging out here.. Not much going on at this end. May you all have peachy days..

~ Speedy


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morning alex and zombie.. if it was possible zombie i would do your work for you today.. only if you look after zooms for m ethough..

am fighting the blues some today.. trying to convince myself that this world is too hard to make the efforts. this too shall pass probably.. going to pay my almost $1400 semi annual county property taxes today.. find that real depressing..LOL

going to watch some more of season 3 of tv show Frings on dvd..bit more xbox driving game.. nothing like a game where you can go 200mph and tbone the PITA other drivers and just click on restart and be back on the course LOL...

time to fill the cup and go look for some music which fits my mood.. hope your day is a good one and tc out there.. Jim and John..

elton john and i guess that's why they call it the blues


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HI Zombie, yes have gotten thru a lot of forza 3 and had a heck of a good time throughout..LOL lately have increased my difficulty levels to hard and am getting points deducted from all the bumping and scraping and just plain crashing now..LOL easy level was easier but then you do not advance much in the game..

yesterday got forza motorsport 4 from amazon..loaded game and disc 2 with all the additional cars and tracks.. bit different than 3 and new views some of the going ons..but back in ford focus below 100mph.. will let you knwo how i am doing in later stages of 3 and then how 4 goes with me..

yes is a heck of a good game and easy to while playing totally lose yourself in the game...LOL you take care, Jim


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called the quit smoking clinic at my hmo.. my committ lozenges are beyond their expiration date so they are sending me some new ones.. will be here saturday morning or monday morning at my local pharmacy.. going to try to quit then..

johnny and i got to mall and walked for half hour... walk was good along with the senior set of which i am almost agewise a true member..

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Good... evening jim, zombie, and mr alex. Hope you're all doing okay.

I actually got out of the house today. Experienced that thing I've heard about called fresh air. Went to go shopping with my sister and to help her clean her new house, ended up coming home with a gerbil cage, gerbil shavings, gerbil food, a gerbil log, and gerbil treats. Oh, and I ended up with a gerbil, too. That's okay, though. It's not like it was an impulse or anything. I've been planning on adding a rodent to my pack for a long time.

Kind of bored right now. Probably going to play some WoW. It's my last day for the trial, so I might as well use it while I can.

Actually, trial is already expired. Bah. Can play free to level 20 if I create a new toon but that'd just be teasing me. :tongue:
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