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Cafe Thursday Oct. 20th

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morning out there.. how's it going??? got some sleep finally.. zoomies is sleeping soundly.. am finding this not smoking routine really darn hard atm.. thinking seriously in few hours when lovely nahawand shows up at 7-11 just going and buying a carton of marlboro 100s.. so much history there and not sure i want to continue to fight this battle now.. conflicted mightily..

going to listen to some music softly for a bitr now.. a couple of tvs shows on my dvr while i wait for zoomies to wake up...where oh where would i be without him..

last race on car driving video game is mine for the taking and then i think i move onto the highest class next.. also want to watch the new movie i got tuesday Red State today..

feeling tired today. time to head back to couch.. hope your day is a good one. tc, Jim and Johnny


the prayer by celine dion adn josh groban..

total eclipse

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Hi JIm well today is almost over thank goodness i too will be going off to sleep i hope tomorrow is a good one for you and Johnnie Take care of you okay hugs
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