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Cafe tuesday Nov. 8th

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morning out there.. how you doing??? got some sleep but was filled with crazy ass dreams which means i really got worn out rather than rested..know why this happened as yesterday was a series of exchanges of my medical team and me which never really got anything during the middle worked out. then an email by gp doc saying finally to me yes to go with what i had intended as that seemed right way to go.. by that time i was wasted..

got to get to pharmacy to pick up zoomies and mine pills..and instead of playing phone tag going to find a good movie and just get absorbed totally..

hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John

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Good morning Jim and forum,

it's 2:30am here for me. I've been sitting at the computer for too long. Trying to relax on my day off and what do I do? Drink too much caffeine and sit here being tense for the entire evening. I did make headway on the story as planned, so the day wasn't a total loss, that's alright. Maybe finish it tomorrow (today).

I received a freelance job offer today and partially turned it down under the excuse of "I don't know how to do that" (a lie) and "I can only do this one small part of it but you'll need a second designer to put it all together". It's a job and it's money but I don't want to do it and hope they just get someone else to do the whole thing. I want to quit taking these freelance jobs entirely because they are way too stressful but every once in a while I get these offers over email and feel obligated to take them because it's money.

I know I need to take a vacation but I am concerned that if I do, I won't be able to get through it without being a bundle of nerves and anxiety the entire time. That's what always happens when I take time off.

Alright, that'll do. Off to the couch to try to sleep now. It feels like a couch sleeping sort of night.


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Morning everybody. I'm just trying to finish up my shift so I can go play a little of my new game that I got from a guy last night (Battlefield 3) and after an hour or 2 of that its off to the store to pick up Modern Warfare 3... which I'm still very excited about.
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