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Cafe Tuesday Oct. 11th

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morning out there... how you doing now???? i got some sleep but not enuf yet.. will try again in a bit.. am nervous about john's caseworker's visit today even though other than state being flat broke this is going to go ok. alison his caseworker holds the purse strings for us in most ways.. that is fact and a bit troubling.. thank god the appt at 10am so not having to wait the whole day for this..

got to get to target shortly after 8am to get a couple of new releases bluray on dvd.. then come home and clean just a bit more.. and smoke in garage and open windows and try to evacuate all the smoke in house..

got to call friend catherine today and see how her new class went yesterday. also touch bases with ex katie and see if she on tonight with johnny or too much going on at work..

coffee is done perking.. off to couch and lite a marlboro to boot.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and John


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How was the trip to Target? We have it here too.. we call it 'Super Target' though. Good luck at the meeting. If I had a meeting at the same time, I'd say "I'm so glad it's early so that I don't have to worry the whole day" :)

Anyhow, I just woke up, and my day had just begun! Cheers, and Jim always nice to see you...Alex
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I have just gotten up a bit ago but not quite sure I am ready to start the day. My dog is lying here dreaming and snoring and I think I would love to be in that state myself. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Hope your meeting went okay. :hug:

Quite an ugly day here today. It's been raining since about 2 am and hasn't stopped not once. What an ugly day. But that's okay. I don't mind the rain too much. It's not like I spend much time outside. My day has been uneventful. Woke up late, fed Princess, bought some fish for my corgi's homecooked topper, came home. Haven't even played WoW yet. My one close friend I have left invited me to her sons second birthday. It's the 22nd. I'm going to try to go. Right now, though, all I'm doing is listening to my dogs play. Don't even have a cigarette to smoke.

Oh, yeah, also ran into someone my mom seems to think I should remember from a church we went to when I was a kid. I just stared dumbfounded when the lady acted like she knew me and my mom said "She's (name here). She taught your sisters Sunday school class for years". I'm sure my dumbfounded stare was quite comical.


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hi sharkdog and alex.. just got power back short while ago.. damn i am with all my electric video equipmetn and such totally lost without the power.. johnny being really autistic and very ocd is not fond either.. it is not right and daddy should fix it rite now.. think he understands finally this is not fixable by me..LOL

alison the caseworker was here during the power failure and our meeting only took an hour this time.. john is doing good, healthy and happy now and alison agreeed... unless the state goes totally broke will not do anything till next year.. knew this visit by her was going to go good but still worried all the time.. lesson here jimbo.. now if i will just finally learn it.. Jim and johnny
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