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Cafe Tuesday Oct 25th

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morning.. how you doing today??? i am in a mood atm.. went crazy on amazon yesterday.. dvds a comin' the next 3 days.. tried both old mowers nad they do not work.. called mowing outfit and waiting impatiently for them to call me back adn if they will do the one last mow of the year for me and how much they will charge.. i wait terribly.. battle with the marlboros is just the realization by me that ii have given up currently and just am a bloody smoker again.. other thean that i am just fine..

need to shave, bath and clean clothes again today so johnny set to hopefully go with ex katie tonight..perhaps mall walk if got the energy at 7am.. take a look at supplies and see if trip to safeway needed or can wait a few days???

off to ponder this moment with a marlboro and a cup of java.. think it is too early in this day to feel so bloody unsure.. you take care and hope your day is a good one... jIm and JOhn


john denver and calypso


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Hmmm... a nice cigarette sounds awesome right now. Personally in the midst of my own personal stance against the BS at work. I guess the best way to describe it is my "Jerk Mode" has been activated.

Mr Stewart

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good morning/evening/end or beginning of day to Jim and mister pringles and coffee pals. It's about 3am now for me. I just finished up a bit of work, saved, formatted, and emailed away along with the usual note of "is this okay so I can send it off to print or no?". If they say no and want changes that means more work and usually less beneficial time/$$$ ratio for me. bah! work!

I'll probably wander off to bed in a bit here. I wanted to chip away at a short story i have been working on today but i don't think it's going to happen now. :robin:


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Good day good day cafe visitors, Jim, Zombie and Mr Stewart,

Hope everyone is alright.

I have a battle with Marlboros too...... its diabolical-. I think I carry on smoking because it feels like a bit of my identity Im trying to save... I cant understand it. I too have done it for years- dont know who Id be without them kind of thing.???

Anyway I loved Calypso by John Denver-its one of my favourites by him- so thankyou.

I havent written anything for ages- so Im in awe of people that can. Take care my dears - Keep it in the day - and all that -:smile::smile:


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((hornbeam)) yes the war with the marlboros is a doozie.. so long it really is a big part of each day not sure can do without or if could how it would be.. anyway... misery loves good company hornbeam..


captain and tennille and muskrat love

sleep is elusive atm.. at least johnny is doing it still now.. think i wil just give up and watch some dvr shows.. will attempt to give this lawn mowing outfit today to get in touch with me again and failing there wednesday morning zoomies and i off to sears to just get a new mower.. been mowing my disaster area for so long seems only right to keep doing that also..LOL doing that god help me that the box and mower will fit hanging out safely from my corrolla's trunk..

got at least an hour till i will allow myself to do the PS3 and receiver nd amplifier nd speakers and some music.. love johnny too much to do so earlier.. Jim


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Good morning, everyone. :) I didn't sleep well either, but that's to be expected with a change of environment. I need to check that John Denver song out when I get on the computer. You all take good care...Alex


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HI Alex, if you never listened to john denver's music he was a true believer in what he sung always..

was in a down place earlier this morning.. john was still not awake and i found myself back on amazon looking at bluray dvds again.. cannot help myself sometimes..LOL 4 more coming UPS on thursday..

we got to 7-11 earlier and stocked a weeks worth of milky way bars for m eand zoomies.. then on to mall and walked the halls for 25 minutes.. ran into college gal Steph and she walked with us some.. john's in love..LOL did not think i was going to get to this today but suprised myself for sure.. Jim and John
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