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Cafe WEdnesday February 1st

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by jimk, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    morning out there.. how you doing today??? john with momma and i am not being able to sleep anymore.. not enjoying this yet.. today got to go to UPS store if can find it and have them fax a copy of john's state authorization of dental waiver coverage to U of W dental clinic.. hopefully can get this done and finally john can get some of those cavities filled so he can eat without pain. hurts to watch him sometimes..

    guess i will jsut listen on ipad to grammy nominees cd of 2012.. just sort of feel like poop atm.. dissociated again yesterday and medical and psych help i reached out for got the opposite reaction from what i wanted then.. sometime best thing to do is just keep my big mouth shut and keep to myself again.. going to try to have a good day with zoomies when he gets back home at 8:30..

    hope is a good day for you.. tc, Jim


    maroon 5 and christina and Moves like jagger..
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    got back to sleep finally.. needed that.. got up and put on last burned cd i did on napster before they shut down adding new songs to the fray.. glad i got this one.. also went slightly crazy on ipad and itunes.. got the 2011 grammy nominees and ultimate luther vandross now.. lol i am truly a shopper .. gives me a buzz each time. at least i seem to have the old constant dvd shopping under some control now.. that had gone crazy forever.

    was in the pits earlier and with the help of some good music am doing better atm.. time for breakfast and stopping the marlboro and coffee routine..
  3. hornbeam

    hornbeam Well-Known Member

    Hi Jim

    sorry you were so down earlier - glad to hear your doing better with the good music.

    You do a lot of techno things that I dont understand - so glad you know how to do them-and that it gives you a buzz. We have to get the buzz from somewhere.
    I so agree with you.

    I went to the doctors today - and the doctor said that if I need to talk to someone she will put me onto some therapy list. Well I have had therapy before lots of times-but dont fancy waiting - I think talking to people about your problems with someone who doesnt put you down is the most helpful thing - I really thing it is something everyone should have in life because I know for me its better than pills -having a good talk with someone and a laugh. She also gave me another script of my paroxetine-which Im ok with ( please dont give me any scare stories everyone) Ive been on them for OCD along with cbt. She was pleased I have not requested more diazepam-which she is not happy prescribing to me although my other doctor was .

    Trying to keep it in the day- Love to you Jim and anyone else struggling........((((J))))
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    love back your direction also hornbeam.. hope it is not too long a wait until you actually get some help with a therapist.. also that they are a really good adn competant person.. i agree 100& that someone good for yourself , to listen and cautiously give some hints to you is something really good most times..

    john and i off to the UPS store in just a minute.. getting this done today will take a huge load of worry off my mind..
  5. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Good morning all.

    Woke up about 2 hours ago. Not much doing today. I am going to try reading this afternoon, upstairs preferably. We'll see how that goes. I need to read some books! I think the only way that is going to get done is by sitting upstairs. I need to be away from the computer.

    Anyway, not much doing. Woke up with less tears this morning. Hopefully this is the tail end of the depression.

    :hug: to everyone!
  6. hornbeam

    hornbeam Well-Known Member

  7. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    good morning everybody,

    Plan for the day is to go see about a potential condo for my mom and her husband to rent. They live out of the province so have enlisted me to check a place or two for them in their absence. It's giving me some uncomfortable feelings in the process (bad associations with moving) but I think I can manage. Hope this one tonight looks good so I can be done with this.

    take care all of you.
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