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Cafe Wednesday Nov. 9

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Greetings and salutations!

Let's get this thread going, shall we? :handinhand: Welcome to the Cafe! Let us know how you are doing and by all means share whatever you would like with us!

All the best,

~ Speedy

Growing Pains

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Sixteen minutes early for my time zone! lol

It's 11:44pm here and I'm barely able to comprehend that there is a tomorrow yet alone accept that it's in sixteen minutes! Listening to my gerbils chew on their cardboard, have a dog sound asleep at my feet, and feeling a bit tired since I went to bed at 8 last night and woke up at 8am. (Most sleep I've had in a while) I'm not sure when I'll get to bed, though. I tend to procrastinate that! I picked my dog up from the vet earlier today and she's doing great. Has medicine that she needs to take but it's bacon flavored or something, so she takes it like it's a dog biscuit. Hope everyone's day is great.

Good night or morning or whatever time it is when you read this.


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morning or nighty nite to all.. hi speedy.. hello sharkdogs and glad your doggy is doing better tonight..

got about 6 hours of sleep just now.. need a bit more but feeling good awake atm.. today got to finally get to pharmacy adn pickup and pay for our pills... the paying is what the rub is..LOL pesky little expensive seroquel pills..

should get cleaned up today.. always tomorrow..LOL going to find a dvd or two to get attached to today.. also need to finally get to the stacks of papers and organize and file.. need to do this soon as i need the mapquest printout to go saturday and give the dvds and blurays i already had that are duplicates to a good friend.. easier to just give than try to finagle some cash out of best buy for them..

coffee is done.. time to light up and head back to couch.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim and john


the finer things by steve winwood...


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Morning everybody. I am a bit tired right now (probably from staying awake playing Modern Warfare 3 yesterday) But I have an hour left in my shift and then its home to play more MW3. and probably will stay awake too long again :lol!:

Mr Stewart

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Good afternoon folks,

It was a hectic day today for me at work. Someone ran into me in my work jeep in a parking lot this afternoon. I'm driving past and this guy whips out of his parking stall beside me without looking behind, I honk horn, he doesn't react in time, crunch. No injuries on either end thankfully. It was a low speed fender bender kind of situation. His fault (he admitted) so my boss wasn't mad at me for busting up the work jeep, that's good. Had to drive out to the nearby police station to file a report for insurance purposes. I hate talking to police. Even retired volunteer police who are riding a desk taking down collision reports in a small office in a shopping mall.

I'm back home for the day now and am trying to settle down. I need to reassure myself that the accident happened, no telling myself it didn't, it did, it wasn't my fault, no one was hurt, i won't lose my job, it will be okay. It will be okay. I will not think about would could have happened if the timing was different and he was driving faster and what if maybe I didn't have my driver's license with me because I forgot it at home or something and the police had asked for it and I didn't have it or if I didn't have my seat belt, stop it.

Calm down. I'm going to take a hot shower and eat some supper and go to sleep. It will be okay.

edit--- have you ever looked at the LOL emoticon's hair? It has really strange spikey hair. I never noticed before.


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Mr. Stewart.. it will be ok.. you are not to blame and did what was necessary to substantiate thet with the police.. scary and could have been tons worse.. music, tv or something you like to distract yourself some and try to relax and get some good sleep tonight..
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