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Cafe Wednesday Oct. 12th

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morning ppl.. how's it going today???? john with momma for the night and i am enjoying it at leisurely pace atm.. the stress of yesterday without power and meeting with john's caseworker got worked out good and am feeling good now..

other than making otu a check for one bill and in box not much that need to tackle today.. listen to some music now for a bit and ponder whether going to try for some more sleep??

no dvd shopping today i truly do hope.. hold down the cig intake some..

back to couch now.. cup and marlboro in hand.. hope your day is a good one.. tc, Jim


guns n' roses welcome to the jungle..


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Good luck getting more sleep, Jim! Hope you have a relaxing day.. no more power outages would be great! lol..

you both take care too.. I shall be listening to music as well; I look forward to reading about what you will be listening to. ;) I'm not familiar with "Guns 'N Roses" but I think it's rock related? There was a contestant on American Idol in 2011 named James Durbin that wanted to sing one of their songs, but I have no idea what their music is considered. Something great to Google, perhaps!


~ Speedy :coffee: :guiness:
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