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morning out there.. how's it going????? johnny with momma and i am currently trying to slowly wake up.. thank god for the remeron adn the trazadone helping with my depression of last night.. sometimes all one can do is just take the pills and go to bed and pull one's blankets over your head..

so far not gotten call back from lawn mowing company.. guess this means at 10am me and johnny head to Sears adn pick out a new lawn mower.. worried about if going to fit in my corrolla and time will tell.. then fire the thing up before the rain comes today and hopefully me and my scraggy lawy will join the rest of the block looking civilized..

last couple of days ahve gone apeshit on amazon.. more dvds adn bluray.. also a Kindle reading tablet and accessories should arrive thursday.. got to stop shopping.. no really jim cool it you nut..

time to pour my cup and head to couch .. tc adn hope your day is a good one.. Jim

jump by van halen..


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liked your music guys.. well john and i got to sears and got a frontwheel drive lawn mower.. stockroom guy cut the mower out of it's box and it fit nicely in toyota's trunk.. stopped and got fresh gas on way home.. attached the bolts and nuts for everything , ;put the oil and gas in and presto the darn thing started right up..

front and back are mowed and looks 1000% better.. there is joy in mudville cause jim did not strike out..

Mr Stewart

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Hi everybody.

Early morning work today on three or four hours sleep as usual. No car crash or job losing mistakes, good good. Social issues cropped up though. I drew a map for the department to use and everyone was most pleased with it. Thanking me. I of course respond like this :unsure: and sputter out a quick "thank you" and an "okay, see ya later" then turn around to hop in my work car and drive away from people so I don't have to be there making eye contact and saying awkward/weird things. But one person called out again, and proceeded to talk to me, small talk, I didn't know what to do. I know small talk is a casual thing that people like to do to relax and enjoy each other's company. 28 years of life experience now and I've never been able to understand it. Always feel trapped and want to run away.

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