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  1. OK, I can be a caffiene junkie. It is so pathetic in power that I can do anything on it, even sleep. I even like caffienated alcohol, those energy drinks they sell, Sparks, Xtilt, etc. But there's also something else that I do. For lack of having any drugs. I don't know how to put this any other way, without it bein a method, so I'll just say I like to mix opposites-legal opposites-it changes my attitude for the better. They are supposed to work against eachother but for me they intensify eachother & put me in a completely different/better mood. I call this "putting the battle into my system" and if my system wasn't strong enough I would not survive it. I'm currently having no problems with it. I know it's not exactly good for me, but don't seem to care. I smoke less, I can concentrate better, and I'm in more control of my emotions this way..... it's rediculous but that's what happens. You'd think that I'd be shaking, unorderly & freaked out by the mixture, but I'm fine with it. I can be active or I can be chill. I handle problems better, deal with things differently, react to situations in another way than I would normally. Complete sobriety just isn't something that I can handle at this point in my life, there's too much goin on in my mind & I have to settle it down somehow, anything to make me numb. Mentally, there's just too much pain & this is how I deal.
  2. anonymous51

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    I never thought that i would ever become addicted to the stuff but i have unfortunately. ive been drinking at least two cans of redbull every day for the past 4 months, plus coke is the only thing i drink practically.
  3. Know One

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    These are mental addictions. Your bodies are simply getting used to the intake. They are easy to stop. Just allow your body to have slightly less each day, just as you probably caused it to start, but the opposite.
  4. Physical addictions may come with grueling withdrawals but I say psychologicol addiction is the worst.
  5. There's a (myth?)thing that caffiene is a "pain relief aid", so you can find caffiene in over-the-counter migraine or arthritis medicines.... I don't see how it's a pain reliever but that's what they say so I'm currently poppin vivarin with my pain reliever to stop pain. How can you tell if caffiene is working as a pain relief aid anyway if you have to take it w/ a pain reliever to make it work?? Lord I don't know but I hope it works.
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    Well, I guess caffeine is the only drug I am really addicted to. No way I can go through a day without it, and the thing is I know all of the dangers of caffeine as well as all of its effects on my health and all that, cause I have a book that explains every truth about caffeine including which particular beverage contains the highest amount of caffeine if measured in the same volume. Seems like 'diets' contains the most caffeine compared to other non diet fizzy drinks. Caffeine can be a potent poison too, and could kill if taken in wrong quantities and wrong combinations. So better be careful. But despite the fact that I know all of the potential dangers of it, that doesn't stop me from being a caffeine junkie still. I guess its the same with you, just go to live with it. I consider it something that keeps me alive.
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    OMG im also having 20-40 strong expressos per day :(
  8. expressive_child

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    20 - 40 expressos?!! I seriously suggest you go for detox. A certain amount of caffeine which is equivalent to many many cups of black coffee consumed at once can kill. I can't reveal the amount but I know it, its right here in this book. You got to do something about your addiction fast.
  9. what does red bull do?
  10. RedBull is full of energy herbs & vitamins but I don't know anything about it's caffiene % .... one sip & I threw it away, tastes like old shoes to me! :laugh:
  11. Style

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    red bull has about the same level of caffiene as a cup of coffee.

    i'm also a caffeine addict. i have a pretty bad headache right now cuz i haven't drank any in a few hours. i also know i'll be drinking some more again tonight, it's almost 11 pm now, but i love staying up on the stuff.
  12. rojomi

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    when i go to a bar or restaurant and drink & i'm the driver,(which i always end up being)-i have coffee either with or after the booze. helps me concentrate on the b.s. around me, and has gotten us home safe, so far. I don't advocate drinking & driving, but I'd much rather die in a fiery car crash than get a DUI-that's a joke mod's-not a recommended method:biggrin:. Used to HAVE to have caffeine to function; as far as everyday life, i can take it or leave it. i do think there's something to the painkilling aspect tho, it does get one up & going when needed. But if there's pain, why not try to address the cause rather than temporarily reducing it by self-medicating? yeah, it's a drug and it's addictive.
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