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Call girls

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by sadsoul, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. sadsoul

    sadsoul Member

    Although my depression has caused many problems thus far in my life, it has not altered my strong desire for sex. I know it all sounds so typical of a male to talk about wanting sex. But to me it means so much more than sex. Its such a release for me (no pun intended). Its honestly one of the best ways I express myself... which sounds funny but I believe it to be true. The fact that in the future I might be able to smell a woman's hair, embrace a woman's body, and kiss a woman's neck is one of the reasons that push me on to continue on in my life. As much as I love being pleasured, I prefer to pleasure a woman. NOTHING makes me happier than having a woman dig her nails deep into my back. I've had several girlfriends in my short twenty three years on this earth. One stands out much more than the rest (not going to get into that though).

    However, I moved to California two years ago and I've had trouble meeting females. And thus, I have found myself calling up escorts at least once a month. I mean, I end up having a sexual encounter once every half year or so but its not enough for me. I know I must sound pathetic, but there is nothing that makes me feel better than looking into a woman's eyes knowing that I have satisfied her. Although, afterwards I always end feeling up empty. I feel empty for two reason. The first being that I know it would have been SOOOO much better if we were in love. The second being, regardless of whether or not she enjoyed it, she wasn't there out of her own will, I paid her to be there. I would much rather be able to give myself to a woman I love but I don't feel stable enough to be in a relationship at the moment. Even if a girl finds me physically attractive I think she would find my self esteem to be very unattractive. My question to you. Do you see this as something wrong? Do you think it will cause problems for me in the future? What kind of advice would you give to someone in my position?
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  2. Smashed__

    Smashed__ Well-Known Member

    I have no sexual experience :mellow:, so my biggest worry off the bat is your safety. Please use protection everytime, my friend. If you become HIV+ or get another long term STD you will bigger issues to worry about than your self-esteem. It will be far harder to find an accepting person.

    I am not in support of using/being an escort, but I don't think any less of you. I think right now you just want and need to feel 'good' even for a few minutes when you look at her. I can't blame you for that as we all want to truely feel good.
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Agrees with Smashed on this one.
    Make sure you are fully protected and as you are harming no one, why shouldn't you have this small pleasure in your life. :hug:
  4. dreamwarrior

    dreamwarrior Active Member

    i went the call girl route for awhile, but found it to be less than emotionally satisfying. it's nice to have a girl pretend to be completely into you, laugh at all your jokes, etc. but it's only for an hour and i can't afford to pay the overnight rates. i dont even have sex with them we just cuddle and talk. i find the interaction and intimacy of friendship much more satisfying than sex.
  5. nunziosoprano

    nunziosoprano Member

    I wouldn't be able to have sex with a hooker because knowing that she would not be there in bed with me if it wasn't for the money is not very sexually appealing to me and thus I would be unable to grow an erection.
  6. whats next

    whats next New Member

    I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Lately I have been paying a girl $75 an hour to have lunch with me. She's very good at acting like she's friends with me. I try to pretend that she really is my friend and I'm just helping her out while she's broke. Sometimes I almost forget that we aren't real friends.

    I'm 41 and have never had a girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter) and my health isn't very good so I really don't think I will ever be loved. So to me it's worth the money to have someone act like they care a little.
  7. rwillson

    rwillson Well-Known Member

    this might come across as something harsh or judge mental, but i think you are really fooling yourself and in the long run doing more damage than good. if you are paying for sex with these women, i think there is no better way to sew the seeds of self hatred than what you are doing. loneliness sucks and wether it be a one night stand or spending the night with a call girl, neither are a good answer. i have no advise on remedying the loneliness, when i lived in L.A. i had routes that led to socialization with other people, my NA meetings, the gym, work (and i am a very introverted person) and through those routes i found other vehicles to meeting people. not all led to relationships or sex (a few led to relationships, one leading to getting engaged, it is to bad she passed away)...

    but what you do is up to you, but i feel if you manage to put yourself out there, take a risk, risk getting hurt (it happens to all of us) you may find people who like you for you and not the denominations of bills in your wallet...