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    last night my call mate told me that he see me as an older sister or mother but he cant explain his feeling. i told him dont be too showy in emotion because im not comfortable with it. he said "ok, i will not" then he started to talk as if there is nothing happen.

    i make a borderline between real friendship and online friendship. online is online. nothing more.

    friendship in real life i should give emotion not in net.

    i dont want anyone here in net be part of my real world. it only hurts me. i tried before have friends here on net and just make me more sad.

    clarification. i dont like him as a bf. just a friend. nothing more. im annoyed because the emotion strictly just FOR MY FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE. it seems i have for him.
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    I have been surprised how much I could care for someone I have never has caused me to re-examine many of my definitions for friendship and intimacy...J
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    It is hard not to become friends to someone you talk to and share things with even if it is just online. I tend to hold back some as well like you because i have been burned by people who i thought cared. IN saying that i have also met some very kind caring people here that i would not trade for anyone in real life they have stuck by me why i don't know but i truly do know they are friends hugs In time i hope you can see that too hugs