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Calling a hotline

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by SummersOver, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. SummersOver

    SummersOver Member

    Hey I saw a thread on here about this but I cant find it but I am interested in knowing what they know when you call the hotline? Is it free? Does it go on record? Sometimes I just need someone to calm me down... and... what about things like illegal abuse... can they call the cops on you?


  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    they will only send help if you say you are in need of help or that you say you are going to harm yourself hun They will talk with you and calm you down sometimes that is why i call just to hear a kind voice at the other end helps Sometimes they don't even ask my name
  3. MdngtRain

    MdngtRain Well-Known Member

    I've never had them do anything other than talk to me, except the times I called mobile crisis in this one county... They tended to over-react to everything and sent me to the hospital just about every time I called to talk. When I called the national lines, they just talked to me. Once or twice I ended up with someone that had no idea what to say so they referred me to the local ER, but that was only once or twice.
    I have a rough time talking on the phone though, so I found l prefer the online chats. They are only available 12 hours a a day, but I find it easier to type. They have not asked for any identifying info yet. One time I got a follow-up call the next day, but they had asked my permission to call and I had to give them my number. That was actually really, really helpful of them.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I found Good Samaritans very helpful they get back to you and continue to talk to you online if you need them befrienders as well hun are good to talk to online
  5. SummersOver

    SummersOver Member

    Can someone give me their numbers I've tried a couple hotlines and I waited a total of 20 minutes before my call ended (of me waiting), tried it again, and it ended (I waited 20 minutes again). I tried 1(800)273-8255 and 1(800)784-2433 and they didn't pick up, Im having a really bad day and I need someone to talk to... I can't anymore, I don't know and to not get through I feel like... this is just another sign that shows Im useless. I feel done.
  6. MdngtRain

    MdngtRain Well-Known Member

    Those are the numbers *1.800.442.HOPE (4673) have too. I use the chats more tho than the phone. You could try crisischat.org. they also have a list of other numbers. Sorry I'm not more help right now. Hope you can get in touch with someone soon.

    I just remembered, if you are in the US, most states have a crisis line through 211. Just call that number and there should be someone available to talk. I think United way runs most 211 lines.
    Also 1-800-448-3000 or look up the number to the Kristen Brooks Helpline. Or look up IAmAlive.org (or .com?)... ReachOut I think also links to a hotline, again can't remember if it's .com or .org. i tried to copy/paste, but it's not working from my phone.

    You are worth it!
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  7. ayt108

    ayt108 New Member

    Which website do you use for online chats? I've been hesitant to call any of the phone numbers because I am not sure if I'll be able to talk it out. It definitely feels easier to type. Thanks
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