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Calling All Budding Dream Interpreters!

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Androgyny, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Androgyny

    Androgyny Well-Known Member

    This was a dream I had during a brief powernap about two weeks ago. There's a lot of detail here, so if you have a way with dream symbolism, have at it! :)


    I was at a house party. Well, more of a gathering, given there were only about 8 people there. I knew the people were there, but I only saw/spoke to one person in this section of the dream. I spoke to him about the break up of my band (a real life occurance not yet 24 hrs old) and told him that I guessed the others weren't there to avoid awkwardness (The whole thing had a feeling very much like a house party after a show in a far away town).

    I asked him for a cigarette and he handed me rolling papers. I told him I was useless at rolling myself, and he motioned to roll one for me, but I said not to worry about it. He then handed me a joint and I stared at it for a while, not at all registering what it was. Not mistaking it for a cigarette or anything, it simply did not have any familiarity for me (I used to smoke it quite frequently several years back). Once it dawned on me what it was, the dream cut to the next sequence.

    He was leading me to another section of the house. (The interior was the same as the first room, a very neutral cream) I remember walking past a glass sliding door which lead outside. Just outside the door was a tent constructed from children's quilts, and I knew the unseen people from before were inside it, smoking marijuana.

    We continued out another into a different part of the yard. In this section, the yard was a heavily overgrown and a very lush shade of green. The section of the house that lay before us was built out of rickety, weatherbeaten, deep brown, boards and was strangely constructed. It appeared as though many small extra rooms had been shoddily build on the back of the old house, so many that it took on the appearance of a hive.

    I remember two other things about this component of the dream. 1) It reminded me somewhat of my best friend/former co-band-member's old house, which he recently moved from, and 2) the sky was not visible - Over the narrow concrete path that we stood on was a ceiling that appeared to be constructed of an old asbestos sheet, and once the roof ended was where the yard was growing green and wild. It grew high enough to obscure any vision of light beyond.

    We followed the path curving past the growth, and into a section of the brown extensions. Here, I began to notice children through some of the windows. All of the were pale boys of about 8-10 years of age, with thin blonde hair and had somewhat extensive rashes on their shoulders or chests. None of them were wearing shirts.

    We stepped back inside the house into a living room. It was painted blue and was filled with knick knacks which instantly made it much more colourful than the first section of the house. I don't remember any of the knick knacks individually, more just the vivid colours that the combination of them gave off.

    Now seemingly alone (my host has evaporated from my consciousness), I sat on a multi-coloured rug to take it all in. Through a doorway ahead of me, sat one of the boys. He looked the same as the other kids, but he had no rash. He sat with a musical instrument that looked like a sitar before him, and began to play the most beautiful, unworldly music.

    I sat at listened to him play for a while until his music seemed to melt into a song that began to eminate from his stereo. When the song took over, he ceased play. I began crawling across the carpet to praise his music when I woke from my sleep.
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