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Calling SF Authors!


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It's been a while and a whole multitude of new members since feelers were last put out so giving a shout out to anyone who feels like they might like to write a post for the articles section on SF.

You don't have to be a professional writer by any means - if you need someone to proof read for grammar and whatnot, the lovely @Butterfly has volunteered her eyes to look over it. We have articles from lots of members - they can either have your user name on, or just go as "guest" if you are shy - and they get lots of views and help an awful lot of people visiting our site.

Essentially we look for posts that are supportive and helpful. We are happy to post anything from how to deal with self harm urges and how to combat negative self talk, to advice about dealing with debt or looking for a job when you are depressed etc. Alternatively, "roundup" posts like "top 10 podcasts to help with motivation" or "5 great self help resources for anxiety" and such are equally welcome :)

If you do feel like you can help SF this way, please drop me a message and talk to me about it. The articles help literally thousands of people every day who never even make an account and it is a major way that SF supports people.

Let me know if you feel like helping :)

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