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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Lentil Illness, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Lentil Illness

    Lentil Illness Well-Known Member

    I walk ill and aimlessly, through streets
    Oft so famously trodden by the famous
    And those much far less aimless ~ blessed
    With indefatigable cerebral wanderlust
    Awesome audacious and impudently precocious
    The famous in waiting, the world scarcely
    Anticipating the treasures yet to unfold ~ from
    The minds of the impudent, the brilliant
    The bold, it is overtly outrageous, Oh if only
    These cobbles could talk ~ the ghost of Darwin
    Hangs hovering heavy, his heavenly aura
    Painting the air with a heady solution ~
    It is that of evolution, the lawns of Christ’s
    College absorbed with the knowledge ~ of how
    We all came to be, Milton Coleridge Plath and
    Wordsworth, how much were your words worth?

    They have decorated so many lives, alive with mental images
    Of beauty and of hell, Oh I wish, how I wish that
    The streets could tell, of the concentrated talking
    And of Hawking once walking, physics genetics and the
    Many prophetics, without whom we would be so lost
    I am humbled and lost and my words give no justice
    But then that is how it just is, I am small and anonymous ~

    But whatever you do, leave no stone left unturned
    For this I have learned, the answers are never obvious
  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    I beg to differ: your words most certainly DO give justice to those ancient perambulators of your streets.:smile: Oh yes indeed they do. And I am sure that they, the thinkers and writers and walkers, would agree with me.

    This is one of your finest yet - and that's saying something, cause I consider ALL your works to be your finest. You just keep besting yourself and I don't know how you do it, but you do.:smile: :smile: :smile:


    least xoxoxox
  3. Lentil Illness

    Lentil Illness Well-Known Member

    I don't know.

    I have the overwhelming feeling that I am not wanted.

    On this forum, or anywhere.

    I do not fit.

    People writing beyond my realms.

    I just don't know anymore.

    M x
  4. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I don't know about 'fitting in' - I"ve never fit in anywhere, but I don't really WANT to fit in to some places; to fit in would be to lower myself to someone else's standards. Never mind fitting in anywhere else - just fit in with yourself. You certainly fit in with me.:smile:

    It used to bother me (when I was younger) that I didn't seem to fit in anywhere - was always an oddball: odd looking, odd last name, odd (independent) thinking. It took me a while to learn to not give a shit if I fit in with anyone else. Now I'm happy just fitting in with myself and with Mother Nature! I have a place in the Universe, as do you, and you MUST fit into your place or you wouldn't be here. And you ARE here, and I'm happy that you are... so there!:rolleyes: :smile: :smile:


    least able to "fit in" and don't give a shit about it!:wink: Oh, and you most certainly ARE wanted, so don't think you're not.:smile:
  5. Lentil Illness

    Lentil Illness Well-Known Member

    Maybe :sad:
  6. Lentil Illness

    Lentil Illness Well-Known Member

    Sorry. Pity party!

    (I did bring a bottle)

    Check your e-mail.

    We WILL walk beneath that big starry ass sky!

    With Much Love,

    Me x
  7. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    :sad: wish i were back in Cambridge
    i can see her so clearly in my head
    wandering her streets
    i wonder, when we die, do we get
    to trip back in time to those places?
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