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Came across a website that bothered me (may trigger?)

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I ended up going to a website called Heartless Bitches International that while I guess it's supposed to be satire, bashes things like nice guys in a "humourous" way. The thing is, it reminded me of the painful rejection that hurt me deeply two years ago i still haven't gotten over comepletly.

I tried to talk about it here, but I couldn't finish the whole story because it was hard to write.

I know it sounds stupid, but I felt so ashamed and weak for not being man enough in the girl's eyes who rejected me. I was supposed to understand her and her hurtful words, but I was wrong for who I was. The guys who didn't appreciate her, at least from how she described them were at least worth her time. i don't know, it just never stopped hurting and i don't gully understand why.


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She made you feel 'worse' than the guys who didn't appreciate her but were 'worth her time'. Working out what women want and like can be hard. I am sorry she made you feel that way.
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