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came and went

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Ok, hubby came round to get his mail and more of his stuff today.

The fucking bastard had to look the best I've ever seen him look, I guess he can bother with himself for other people, it was just me he didn't bother for.

He acted like I was the one who ended it, all small and hurt and caring...YEAH LIKE HE GIVES A SHIT!!!!:dry: :dry:

I feel absolutely mashed, like someone took a knife and cut my guts out, then gave em a good kicking for good measure.

I can't stand hurting this much.

Bye guys


bye guys... now that is a scary thought
hang in there...pleaseeee

everyday i wake up to pain... chronic headaches, arthritus... nothing helps
today though i started talking about it, and it feels good to get it out

so talk... not saying that it will help but not saying it wont... some times we might need to scream it out... give it a try
Aww hun, I am so sorry you are going thru this. How awful of him to go and just rub everything in your nose. Geez rub salt in the wound why doesn't he. Geez...I am sorry he is like that and did that. I don't understand how some people can be so un-caring like that. I have seen this happen before with people and I don't get why people have to play head games and all that bull.


:hug: :hug: :hug: :handinhan

With love and concern,


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Well I am glad you are here, now you can talk to us,
use us for support...
You can get through this, giving up on life is letting him win.
If u want to chat pm me & I'll give u my I'm name.

:hug: Hazel xo


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you will and when u do ur charecter will be richer.
then days will renew themselves and u will find urself more beautiful then before. i promise.


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I've been there before. I know it seems really hard, but it will get better, and in the future you'll look back and be glad it played out how it did.

Personally, I think if the other person felt they had to rub it in even more, then they're really not all that great, and if things had gone further, it might have even ended worse.

I'm always available to talk as well. pm me or some other form of communication will also suffice.
walked into the sea, got very wet and very cold, but still here SIGH
:ohmy: you should of tried talking to me! remember that night you was there for me, my turn now :tongue:

You can allways talk to me about anything, i know im young and don't know about marraige and all that but i care about ya and don't want you to do that again! :hug:
Aaaah Devvie :sad:
I'm here too :hug:
I think you're such a fantastic person
That bastard doesn't deserve you :mad:
But please next time
talk to someone here in the chat or on msn.
When you're feeling bad again
take care devvie :hug:
Are you feeling any better hun? Please don't do that next time, we are here f or you and I for certain would be privaledged to talk with you anytime, you are such a sweet caring people and you don't deserve any of that. Please remember that.

:hug: :hug: :hug: :cheekkiss :hug: :flowers:

~Love ya,


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Sorry everyone for the fright and thanks for being so nice and wonderful.

It was so hard on Sunday, I'd kinda got a handle on it and then he comes round and everything crashed in on me.

I know he feels guilty, as he bloody should, but it didn't stop him making me feel awful.

Just wish I could hate him and then I'd know I was getting over him.

Thanks again everyone for being there.
I know what you mean. I didn't get left I ran while I still could but...it doesn't seem to matter who leaves, when you really love someone and you feel so awful but you can't hate them, instead we usaully end up taking it out on ourselves when for the most part it was the other person.

It's hard to get past, I know I am really out of sorts right now. It's scarey and unfamiliar. I had decided to spend the rest of my life with him, and he went crazy after we got married then I have all that chaos, and I have to run to get out and bring the cops with me to insure I don't get hurt when I went and got my things, I packed a bag oneday and left..nowhere to go.....

So if you ever need to talk, you can PM me anytime. I'd love talking with you, stay strong hun....I'm here for you and so is everyone else here. I care, remember that.

~With understanding,
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