Can´t make decision.

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    Can´t make decision on what and were should I work. I´m 22 so I should probably study some college, but there I got the same problem. The only solution I currently make is the prolonging my job search, since I got social disorder (and laziness), so it is much comfortable for me just to stay at home with my parents. Sure there´s also problem with lacking of experience, but I think it´s mostly my fault I´m unemployed. Just to make decision where to work (home or abroad) and what kind of job. I guess this would help me alot, but there I´ve been having these thoughts on suicide for years and it´s getting worse, so now I´m not sure if all that effort is worth it. All that CVs posting, paper working, living place searching and what I´m mostly afraid is, that when I eventually find some job and apartement for rent, while being here all alone and isolated in my free time, it will increase my suicidal thoughts into an attempt level, since I´ve already lived for a few months alone in apartement and almost each of these days I regret I haven´t done it.
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    If staying at home with your parents keeps you safer in your opinion I would not see reason to change that to be honest. If they are okay by it and you are comfortable there than be glad for the supportive atmosphere and aside mentioning your gratitude on occasion let it be.

    I would not be trying to make "career" decisions at 22, simply thinking a job of any type would help with feelings of self worth. To be honest - I would be looking for the opposite of a career at this particular moment in life- a simple if even part time job that when you leave work for the day carries no stress home with you may be best and as you get more used to that consider other bigger better things. By doing anything you are taking a step in the right direction and and somewhere along that path you may find a passion for something that inspires you to look in a certain direction for for future employment or schooling.

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