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Can a police officer force medical treament on you

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I think it depends. Like, if your life is in immediate danger then yes i think so. I think they can 'section' you. Also, I know here that if you are having suicidal tendencies or have harmed yourself on person they can force you to go to the hospital.


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If your in the UK then they can detain you, if your breaking the law or at risk to yourself. The police cannot force treatment on you, yet you can be sectioned under the mental health act by a doctor and a social worker. At which point you can be forced to remain in hospital and recieve treatment. I assume alot of other countries have similar laws, but don't know.


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Yes..the police were called on me because I said I would hurt myself and they had to send me to hospital via ambulance..
So all in all if I ended up in one of more black moods and started doing silly things again and did hurt my self then turn round to the ambulance crew or the police in the uk and toll them to get lost and leave me allow then they would not?


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don't know about the UK

i've been forcibly taken for evaluation twice - both times by the police, in the squad car, sitting in handcuffs in the emergency room


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Cant tell for the US or UK but yes, in Canada, if you are a danger o yourself and others, they can have you hospitalized against your will. Its a good thing, imo.


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yeh, it depends where you are based. In the UK it's pretty much what pbobble said alternatively you can be subject to community treatment order under mha 2007, but this has nothing to do with the police.


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Yes, in the US. They can take you to the hospital for a 72 hour hold... in handcuffs if necessary but you have to go to court to be held any longer. The psychiatrist has to take you to court. Also, only a court can force you to be medicated, not police.


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No in the uk they are unlikely to go away. You may not end up in a psychiatric hospital as a result, as you would likely be referred to a crisis resolution team, a nurse would see and assess you at the general hospital, if you ended up there. They would help to decide how to help you best, they try to keep people out of hospital where possible nowadays.

Please seek treatment for your depression, things can improve for people, I have no doubt of this through my own and others experience. Its better to be active in seeking and getting help than end up being sectioned under the mental health act, although if neccessary this can save lives. If this was to happen to you, get legal advice and representation, you would be entitled to it.

Good luck


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I'm on probation for "drugs" (weed) and the courts only solution is forcing me to see a doctor to give me more drugs. Good thing it's a prescription or I might get addicted... I think this emoticon will do it... :unsure:
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