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Can anyone help me?

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I just made the biggest mistake I could ever make.

I am currently student teaching and Friday night I suffered a nervous breakdown because I just couldn't take it anymore and didn't even know if I wanted to teach anymore. In that state I withdrew from each of the three classes I am in, which the college stupidly lets you do online and without having to have any approval from any faculty. This is totally my fault and I understand that there's no one to blame but myself I don't know what I am going to do.

I seriously just want to end my life right now.
I did call my supervisor earlier to see if there was absolutely anything she can do about this, but the chances are just so slim. I feel hopeless and helpless right now.


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Hi and welcome. We all do things like this...get panicked and act,and think after...I am sure there is something that can be done manually...you made a mistake...and that is the extent of it...I was an adjunct for years and hundreds of times I had to manually register students so I know that can be done...all you have to say is that you made a mistake, apologize and forgive yourself...hope things are resolved soon, J
Thank you for your very kind words. I know that technically there has to be a way to get it fixed manually since according to the FAQ page you can petition to get a withdrawal removed if it was accidental.

However, I just don't think there would be anyone who would listen to me since they do clearly state on the college's site that 'this is permanent' and 'careful thought should be given' it's just that when you're in tears and panicking, you just don't care.

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Go in talk to someone face to face the school councilor and get them to talk to someone on your account and get it fixed okay tell them it was an error and you need it fixed now okay go talk to them in person it is better that way hugs
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