Can anyone here relate to this misery?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Stevus, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Stevus

    Stevus New Member

    Hey I'm Steve and new here (read this forum quite a bit though)

    Well in the past 8 months i could count all the times I've left the house on two hands and I'm a mess. Everything just came to a stop when i dropped out of college and quit work because of depression. I don't think I'm depressed anymore but the situation has got worse.

    My house is like a warzone and i don't feel like i have a family, or anyone to talk to (i feel like a different species). Today i told my mum that suicide is a huge threat because i don't have strength to battle my antagonistic father and move on with life at the same time.

    Ive put up with doing nothing for 8 months so there's gotta be some resilience there eh? Its really scary when you know that there's no road to take and such little time.

    Thanks for reading guys/gals

    I never normally have the guts to post in forums so this is out of character for me!
  2. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    i can indeed, though my reasoning for being in a similar situation maybe a tad different.

    i dont work as my anxiety is to high, and i'm stuck in a house with my abusive crazy mother, as i havent the money to live on my own, i was living on my own but had to move back. so now i sit in my room as much as possible, unless i'm being shouted at for being in here, and i do pretty much nothing.

    what you hope us to help you with?
    have you gone to a doctor about how your feeling?

    welcome to sf anyway, i hope we do help you
  3. Troubled2008

    Troubled2008 Well-Known Member

    Hey Stevus-- First of all, I admire that you have the guts to come on here and tell us how you feel. This is a great place to start recovering from that kind of stress. Everyone here is non-judgmental and beyond that, we all either have gone through something similar before or are going through it now. I'm somewhere in between I suppose. :cool:

    I think if you get to the point where you are seriously considering suicide because you are in that much agony, it is time to seek out a psychiatrist right away. I have a psychiatrist and even though my past experiences had been less than satisfactory, this time I really got the help that I need. Of course, if things are so out of control that there is an immediate danger, you should always call 911 or whatever the emergency number is where you live.

    It sounds that like me, you are resilient. I think the main thing to overcoming a severely anxiety-filled situation is to always remain cool and calm. If you are in a safe environment and no one is threatening you, then you're OK for now. Maybe you don't like where you are or what you're doing in life but the #1 thing I think is to remain cool and calm inside. This way, you can rationally think about the situation, the problems, and what the solutions to those problems might be. The worst thing to do is panic and let your feelings get in the way of thinking clearly. That makes people do things that aren't well thought out.

    If you would, tell us a little about your "antagonistic" father so we can understand why being around him causes you to feel like this.

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