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Can anyone take my side?


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I've been told repeatedly to not miss appointment because I'm under observation but do you know how happy I am that I was relief from my long-term psychiatry meds. Its not that the meds will help me but I don't want the meds, I don't want to attend that psychologist appointment, which is next week actually. I don't want to be reminded that I'm crazy. I'm not. I've been feeling agitated mostly all two weeks, all for no reason. I don't know how I managed to focus but I can. Probably trying to proof that I'm strong enough. I haven't been on therapy since .... I can't remember but I swear to god, I don't need help, I don't want the meds and I don't like mental health professionals cause I know its pointless. Absolutely pointless.

None of my friends agrees with me 🥺


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If you're under observation, you missing an appointment would likely mean that they'll keep you under observation for longer, right?


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I can understand you now wanting the space to grow further on your own and possibly feeling like they've already led you as far as you're able to go. You want to be in control now and independent and that is totally understandable. You don't in any way want to be patronised, either.

You seem ready to go forward and not look back with these different therapies and therapists. In that sense, it has done you good but out-lived it's usefulness.

You have the mindset strong enough and determined enough to set out more on your own, in a sense, without these 'shackles'.

Hard when those outside you take a different view and can't necessarily fully see all the internal growth. It's hard indeed.


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Number One ☝️ You’re not “crazy...” (so let’s just get that out of the way — & remove that thought from our heads altogether &/or “at once!) — listen to input from others: but make up your own mind. Think about who they are & take into consideration their level of expertise in the matter, while evaluating how good, or to what degree their level of accuracy could and would be. If they are friends and family - despite their hearts and minds, maybe even being in the right place, the very fact that they are these things compromises their views on you moreso than if they were not. So for example they see you & think — “ok, alright, that’s just ‘kitty!’ We already know about her - & what’s best so ... this/that/the other!” Now maybe it’s right & maybe it isn’t (in terms of their guidance). But what is for sure: the info is compromised to some degree relative to these “professionals,” with whom you mention you are not their greatest fan. And that is ok! You don’t have to “like,” them. But their treatment plan should be providing some significant benefit in how disruptive this condition — whatever you’ve got — is to your daily life (in other words , how much it “interferes” with things)... You mention the agitation and how it is for no good reason. It is likely - at least in part - due to the medications being stopped. You’ve done a fine job just to make it this far. I don’t have the answers for what’s best in your particular situation, as I’ve far from taken a deep dive into its “case-study,” of sorts..;^) but even if I did I’m no more qualified than perhaps many of your other voices pointing you in this direction, or that (who do not work in this field of psychology / psychiatry etc). That said- I forget if you live in a region or part of the world where this sort of thing is generally regarded as something of a “weakness,” or a “negative,” just in general — some type or kind of character flaw or defect / deficiency that should not be brought out into the light of day. . . But just know that there are parts of the world (like mine), where this is not the case / And while I’d say its far from the exact or polar opposite — in terms of acceptance in society — it is heading in the right direction (lots of support in the news, even from the rich & famous, if you know what I mean...) _ point being, we really don’t know who’s right & who’s wrong. So just try to have an open mind. Think for yourself . Listen to others asks for help and then come to a conclusion on your own only after carefully weighing all of the evidence or information available to you. That’s my best advice (sometimes we are not in the best or right frame of mind to pick and choose or decide what is best for our care - certainly not suggesting that - or making any statements in regards stability or competence - nothing like that... we can just sometimes get flat out exhausted. And then this is where we can use the help that is in our immediate vicinity (say friends or family), to guide us into getting better or more professional help (in the form of those you’re maybe just a little sick of! - & who can blame you..;^))) ~just remember, nothing good comes easy! : )


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I don’t believe you’re crazy. Your friends and family only want what’s best for you. In truth, it’s you who can determine what’s best for you. If the medicine doesn’t help, then I believe you. Perhaps if you shared your plan to help your condition, they would be more apt to agree with you?

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