can depression make u see mirages?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Soda, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Soda

    Soda Account Closed

    does any1 know if this is possible? (need to know)
  2. aki

    aki Well-Known Member

    yes it is possible to get psychotic features with depression, like say aural or visual hallucinations.
  3. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    I am not sure what you mean by mirages. Like hallucinate/see things not really there?

    I have not had that happen but know the mind can do just about anything...depression and stress cause all sorts of things happen in the brain this I know for sure. If people can hear voices I would imagine people see things as well.

    What is going on if you don't mind my asking, you can PM me if you would prefer.

    Take care, B
  4. Soda

    Soda Account Closed

    sorry i dont feel comfortable talking about a few specific things.....

    oh and btw, thnx for posting on this topic
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  5. Mightbehere

    Mightbehere Well-Known Member

    Its possible to see things like this, there can also be a number of other health and diet factors that can cause you to see mirages, I suggest you go to a doctor and tell him about what you are suffering from.
  6. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

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