Can get over my ex


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It’s been a few months . I have deoression for seven years but this recent breakup is killing me. Can anyone relate. ? I can’t imagine life without him


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Hi may I was soo overwhelmed . I am still struggling and I know at this stage five months on I should be better. I felt I would be but I am not. I tried therspy . It’s expensive but also didn’t help .


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Is there anyone going through heartbreak , being dumped or left that I can be friends with here please . Someone going through same . I would be grateful . I just need someone who is on my journey

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Is there anyone going through heartbreak , being dumped or left that I can be friends with here please . Someone going through same . I would be grateful . I just need someone who is on my journey
I have never been in a relationship but you can vent or talk to me anytime.
This link has some books about romantic relationships:

One member has recommended How to heal a broken heart: from rock bottom to reinvention, but based on the reviews rather than having read it.

There's also Addiction to Love, by Susan Peabody

Finding a way to treat the underlying depression may help. This link has some information about treatment methods:

Treating Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain; Other Suicide Help


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Can anyone relate. ?

Sorry that you're in this. I hope you are able to emerge into a peaceful, sronger place. I'm not quite there, yet, and it could be that I'll always be grieving the loss. It's part of who I am now I guess. In my case, rhey died.
It helped me a few years back to be in a women's recovery group. You might look into that; I felt safe & supported when I was there.

Someone once told me I have dead people in my head. Yeah I do and I still love them very much.

I wish you the best.


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I just need advice on how to get over this to feel okay again and not to feel soo bad
Since you asked for advice, this is my answer. It has helped me because I've been in two relationships that dissolved. Yet those breakups did not hurt me because I had previously begun practicing Buddhist meditation. Specifically a part of it called emotional Non-attachment. Self-explanatory because if you look at the words, it already tells you what that means. Buddhism informs us that much or even most of our suffering is due to Attachment. So the Zen meditation teaches us how to Detach. After several months of discipline, it will get to the point where you don't get attached in the first place so it will be much easier to reorient yourself to a new situation.
If you search on YouTube you will find free videos of Buddhist master Ajahn Brahm who gives lectures, some of them on Non-attachment. But the words alone won't help unless they are reinforced with meditation. So Ajahn Brahm conducts those actual meditational sessions on youtube.
Buddhism is nothing supernatural at all but instead teaches practical down-to-earth techniques on controlling your emotions. That's why it has been called the practical religion.
Hugs @Help56 and @seabird. I definitely can relate to this and I know how you feel. I just couldn't find the words to say anything (or even give advice) as I feel lost and confused myself. I've been trying as much not to be reminded of my own loss and how to deal with it.


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Sending care @Help56
I'm here it you want to talk.
Please call emergency services now, if you think you're needing physical help.

If it's a panic attack what works for me is sitting down on the floor, put attention to the feet & breath slow & deep with pauses.

I'm so sorry you're distressed.

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