Can get over my ex


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Not sure how to leave this life
Sending care @Help56
I'm here it you want to talk.
Please call emergency services now, if you think you're needing physical help.

If it's a panic attack what works for me is sitting down on the floor, put attention to the feet & breath slow & deep with pauses.

I'm so sorry you're distressed.
i get the sitting on the floor thing . It really helps . Emergency services will just treat you like a criminal and bundle you off snd pump you full of medicines and treat you like a criminal . Don’t want that . So have to try and get through it myself . If I can’t too it’s okay I will be a statistic . At least you cared
Thank you very much. I wish I had the power to simply leave the earth. Why am I such a coward
I'm in the same situation as you. I wanted to die a few days ago.And now I know that we may lost all love but we can't lose all hope.If we have unlimited hope.We may become the winner right?I am waiting her.I still believe that we will have future.Although within two days of her leaving me and got a new boyfriend.But I believe that she will come back*拥抱

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