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Can Hypnotherapy Help My Suicidal Thoughts, Advice please

I'm constantly having these suicidal thoughts ever since my grades have been tanking in college. The huge workload and lack of social life has been really getting to me. Like I think about jumping off a tall building sometimes like another person at my college did. Do you guys think I should look into hypnotherapy? I think it could help solve my problem since my problem entirely a mental one? I mean like anything at this point would be better than where I'm at right now. I've tried taking medication and it doesn't work. My friend suggested going to see a hypnotherapist in St Louis. I signed up for an appointment. Is there anything I should know before going to see the hypnotherapist? Please share your valuable views and suggestions. Any advice is highly appreciated
I'm not sure if there is any evidence that hypnotherapy would work, but if you want to try it, and it's affordable, I see no reason not to go for it.

The links in my signature have some information about treatment methods. There's certainly more to treatment than just meds and therapy.
I've tried taking medication and it doesn't work
In principle, you could try a different medication, or a different dosage. Since you're feeling suicidal, it's probably best to be under the care of a doctor.
The huge workload and lack of social life has been really getting to me
If these are the main reasons why you're suicidal, then certainly finding a way to reduce your work load and improve your social life are critical. I'm not sure that any form of treatment will necessarily be able to overcome the root causes here.

You may have an academic advisor who could counsel you about this. If it's necessary for you to transfer to a less demanding school, then that might be worthwhile. Your life is in danger, so trying to push your workload isn't worth it.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine are two of my favorite treatments. While they, along with proper diet, exercise, and adequate sleep, might help support your studies, it really seems like reducing your workload is necessary.


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There is evidence published in number of research papers that states hypnotherapy works. I have tried it and it worked but not for long duration.

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