Can I FU***** die yet!?

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  1. Kiba

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    I'm tired of this FUCKING BS.. I'm tired of being so trusting to people.. I get into so much fucking trouble.. I could have easily been fucking killed last night or drugged (And I was drugged because of my own stupidity) cuz I'm so trusting.. but does it matter?? NO.. Cuz nowhere really wants me or my friend.. We are pieces of trash on the streets with almost nothing to our names.. and I'm tired of this BS going on at the camp we are in.. With ppl throwing shit, yelling at us and getting drugged because of my own stupidity and trusting nature..

    I don't need no fucking shit.. I'm already fucking crying every night from my stupid PTSD and BS because of this stupid fucked up time of year.. I need this shit to fucking end and I need something fucking good in my fucking life..

    Yeah.. We Fucking left Oregon.. Because YEAH we COULDN'T REALLY AFFORD TO LIVE THERE!! And you know I have gone thru all that shit over and over.. "Could there have been another way" and all I can come up with is.. beyond choosing a different area to go to, NO. If we had stayed in OR we would have been homeless there anyway.. I'm just fucking sick and tired of it..

    WTF is wrong with me?? Why do people have to fucking hate.. AT ALL!!

    I don't know what to do anymore.. It's like we don't belong anywhere.. I'm just a fucked up piece of shit don't belong in this world.. I'm too fucking trusting for my own fucking good.. I care too much for people and I get myself into too much fucking shit..

    And if I died no one would really fucking know.. Not that it fucking matters because I'm obviously not wanted..

    I keep fighting and fighting and I've been fighting all my fucking life.. When can I get a fucking break.. Fucking tired of it..
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    Having a big heart is not wrong. Trusting is not wrong. I am like you and I can relate. Please pm me. I truly want to be your friend. Nikki