Can I get an ex back?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by PatChrisBate, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Earlier this year, my girlfriend of over a year broke up with me. A month later, my best friend committed suicide. I was an emotional wreck and didn't really know what to do, so I started dating this other girl who I really liked and really cared about. The problem was that I was still in so much pain over losing two important people in my life that I didn't open up to her about my feelings or past. We broke up after two months and it was a mutual and painless breakup. A couple weeks later I was trying to figure out why nothing in my life was going right, and I realized that I needed to open up to my second girlfriend in order for us to work as a couple. I met with her and told her why I didn't open up to her, what had happened in my life, and why we ultimately broke up. She understood where I was coming from and told me that the reason she didn't open up to me was because her first boyfriend was incredibly abusive. She said that she still likes me and still cares about me, but she is already in another relationship with another guy. Is there any way we can get back together? It feels like there's nothing I can do.
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    I hate the feelings you are going through, In some cases we just want what we cant have. Not that its your case but just sayin
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    I know how your feeling because its happened to me too a long time ago now, but still. Anyway, I cant really say if its worth fighting for as I dont know you or the girl but I will say i fought and fought and I won my ex back! :tongue:
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    If she's in another relationship then don't do anything. Why is she telling you she likes you if she's with someone else though? She'd do that to you if she was with you too.