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can i just say

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I do not lie!! =O how dare you accuse me of such a thing!!! lol

i'm serious though...try as i might... one of my boots is shinier than the other... no matter how much i polish the not shiny boot. the corporals and sargeants continually love to point out this little fact to me haha. :dry:


Hmm, the cadets here just have to polish the toe of the boots and the heel. Thats where you have to see your reflection. The rest has to be clean but not polished. If you can't polish it to the same standard as the other might be better off just leaveing the other one to dull down a bit.


Bah! Fine ... I confess. My cadet boots weren't even a week old when I won the competition out of the 40 odd or whatever teenage plonkers. I confess.

I was a very rebelious cadet :D Not many had the barracks commanding officer ring down to our Cadet Sargeant and give out about people walking through the marching squre, umm getting roared at by the barracks armed guards and being told to goto the armoury Sargeant to be questioned. Umm loads more and I was only a member for a few weeks :O

Good times.
Someone's a bit of a rebel...but thats unfair... when I got my boots they had no shine on them whatsoever, and even AFTER polishing they arent that great haha. And yes, its the same here with polishing, but I can only see my reflection in one boot =.=

At inspection today we had the RSM... she was being really tight on us, she gave one of my friends a demerit for alignment, which was out by a total of... like... 5mm - and she said my alignment was GOOD, when it was worse than my friends. Funnily enough I got a merit for boots though haha... but we got a total of 24 demerits... so that wasnt great lol.

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