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Can I make it alone?

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I wish I had someone to talk to... in real life, to hold and to feel them holding me... I wish I could tell them everything. I need to feel something more than this emptyness broken up by the occassional faaling feeling i get when i think about how little hope i have, how little motivation of drive to carry on, how the future seems to be paved with nothing but the way i feel right now.

Sa Palomera

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:hug: Alex, I'm sorry to hear this. I guess at some point we all just need someone other than people online to care for us. To hug us and hold us. :( I'm sorry I can't be there with you to give you an enormous Ishtar-hug :( :hug:

All I can offer is my listening ears. I'm here for you, Alex :hug: Don't hesitate to drop me a pm.



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I think everyone must need someone like that. I have wanted that type of person for as long as I can remember. I thought I had found someone like that. Now I am not so sure. I don't think it will work out like I would want it to. We can't exactly be best friends so it seems pretty hopeless for me too. I really do hope you find someone. :hug:


Maybe it's better to think about what did happen that was good, or to be more flexible. Like if someone did hold you or cared for you for a time, wasn't that good at the time? It was something good that happened in your life, even though the person left and or even didn't care later on. For that time you felt great, it made those days better. All we seem to think about is how it ended.

Maybe there would be a lot more holding and caring going on in general if we could just take what we can get, not requiring that the other person sign a contract to always be there and keep doing the same thing for the rest of their natural lives. If someone will hold you and care for you today, even if they leave tomorrow, at least it was something good that happened as opposed to more of the same nothing.


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But now they're gone and all I have left are memores which remind me of the void they left. I'm thinking of telling her how much i still love her... not sure if its a great idea... she'll most likely either be sympathetic or try and tell me to get over it, think both would help. In my ideal world she'd say she still has feelings for me and is willing to try a long distance relationship... ideals rarely happen though.
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