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can lack of protien or omega 3 make one suicidal if they dont take anti depressiants

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by brendan, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. brendan

    brendan New Member

    what i say that ive been a vegetarian for 6 months, ive stoped taking my medication because i believe vegetarianism can cure me, but now even today i have suicidal thoughs, wonder has any1 been i the same situation and does fish oil help or protien
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Re: can lack of protien or omega 3 make one suicidal if they dont take anti depressia

    What happens is vit b 12 get to low when one is vegan and does not get the proper protein the low vit b 12 caused you to be very tired and give depression like symptoms
    Go in and get your blood levels done ok my girl had to go on vit b 12 as she was so low it was affection her other systems in her body
  3. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Re: can lack of protien or omega 3 make one suicidal if they dont take anti depressia

    Vegetarian and Vegan are quite different, but both require a lot of knowledge and adjustment insofar as dietary requirements and replacement in order to maintain physical and body chemistry health. I have been a strict vegetarian (not Vegan) for over 30 years. No meat, fish, bird, or eggs... and no products containing such (even things such as Jello are out). Improper chemical balance as a result of diet can affect mental thought, but too it is easy to be vegetarian and stay very health also (after all, the human body was designed vegetarian anyways). Fish oil consumption would defeat being vegetarian, by the way. If you are using various meat substitutes, you are probably covering your protein requirements. Be careful when you go out to eat, many restaurants don't really understand what vegetarian is and what they call vegetarian on their menu often really isn't.

    This all said, with my personal belief being that vegetarian is extremely healthy, I do not see it as an automatic complete replacement for treatment to mental health issues. Also, hopefully you did not quit your medications cold turkey. Ween down, if anything. Switching to a meatless diet will definitely create chemical changes in your body and while I think it's great, I would wait until you perfect and stabilize from the diet change. Also, make sure your doctor is aware and that your doctor, case manager, therapist, etc., are all on the same page with the same knowledge. They don't necessarily have to agree with you, but they do need to be aware.

    Any time that you increase your physical wellness, it does affect everything about you. This includes your attitude, looks, and your complete mental state. Going vegetarian means more than just eating salads, so make sure you learn what replacement foods to utilize in order to balance your diet and so that you can achieve the greater health that a vegetarian lifestyle definitely offers.
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