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Can meds make you suicidal?

Some background info if you're interested:

My psychologist and therapists don't understand why I have become suicidal (since about a year ago). Neither do I. I had mental problems before, but I was quite happy in my own little world except that I had (have) to leech off my parents. I had some suicidal thoughts then, but that was only because society expects certain things from me that I can't fullfill (Now I'm working on that with therapy though)

Since a bit less than a year ago though, I became utterly bored with life. The only thing that changed in my life is that I went to a psychiatrist and he gave me medication (Sipralexa and Solian). I realized this after yet ANOTHER conversation with my therapist in which she asked again WHY I had become suicidal.


So my question is:

Can antidepressants make you feel so bad (mentally) that you want to kill yourself? Has anyone ever heard of that? I know that antidepressants can increase the risk of suicide by giving suicidal people the energy to do it. But this, I never heard of.


I definately hope it's the medication. Please god, let it be the medication. Imagine all your worst problems being solved by stopping taking a little pill... :unsure:


I believe that they can increase a persons suicidal thoughts/tendencies.. not in all cases or even most cases though, but it can and does happen.. so far with what I have heard it seams that younger people are more susceptable to this.. I know that I became far worse after my first round of medications.. are you on sleeping pills or a sedative?
there are numerous articles that you can find through google.. these are the search terms that I used.. medication causing suicide
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there is tons of research available on the net in relation to this question. Even on utube. It is valid concern, I would wonder about the professionals if they do not see the correlation yet. It also depends on what you are on and how much. keep searching.


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they can but usually only in the first few weeks of taking the drug. however some people can react very badly to SSRIs, in which case you should perhaps consider a different class of anti depressant.

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