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Can never do the right thing

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i try, try to be a 'good' friend. Obviously ain't seen that way. I learnt the hard way.

Blah blah whatever. Fuck it

What am i meant to do? seriously

I don't know, i know what would help right now.

Was trying to help you but it ain't seen like that is it. Bad friend ain't i? yeah i know it. So fucking pathetic.

Why does it hurt so much? why do i love and care so fucking much? Yeah well bring on all that shit. Make it worse. Blame me.

To do with something else .....

Why do you affect me like this? why do i so badly wanna take your fucking head off right now. Am i the only one who see's? I'm told im not but it's obvious that i am.

That makes me the problem right. Yeah well what do i have to do. Eliminate myself? for you?

I would. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Jesus ... need off this fucking site. Had a pretty good day today, then well ... yeah. Whatever.
ya know what, i'm fucking done with this shit. Im fucking done with this site and the so called fucking 'friends' on it. Some fucking friends ya are. Well that and fuck me. I'm done.

I can go to fucking hell. I don't give a shit. Im sick of giving all the time and getting it thrown straight back in my fucking face. Well fuck this fucking shit.

You should of NEVER called to see if i was ok. I'd be dead by now. Don't even bother checking if i'm ok. Cos i won't be so don't fucking bother lifting a finger.

You only fucking bothered because you was scared right. Scared of who it would affect other people.

Yeah well i ain't scared. Not anymore. Not ever. THIS ENDS. Thats my last promise before the end.


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i couldn't really be bothered to read this thread, it seemed kinda long, i'm sure you shouldn't die tho, well i'm fairly sure, tho i don't know who you are or much about you, but not many people deserve to die, so the odds are fairly heavily in your favour.
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