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Can signs really help?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ZombieNation, Jan 31, 2010.

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  1. ZombieNation

    ZombieNation Active Member

    I know it's stupid but today I had a fortune cookie and normally I don't believe in that kinda thing, unitill... I read the message inside and it said "It's the right time to write that letter". This was quite a shock to me but I did understand and I went straight to thinking about a suicide letter. Just incase this was the issues I had another one and the message inside was "Everything is now in place for you to make a majour descission with ease" - then I thought about suicide.

    My grandfather recently died and I just wonder if hes seen the pain or whatever and is trying to send me signs, even some other family member or friend thats passed away in the past. I don't really believe in this sort of thing but it's worth a try.
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    I really do believe in signs and messages in our dreams etc. The subconscious is a huge thing that nobody really understands all that well. But it does try and help us understand events that happen in the day that are too painful or too confusing to deal with at the time.

    But those "signs" need to be thought through with clear thinking. And when a person is suffering any type of depression or stress the "reading" will generally be of that nature too. Like your message in the cookie. Maybe the letter is not necessarily a "real" letter. But instead telling you that you need to talk to someone about issues you are trying to deal with. Or writing a letter to someone that you just cant tell these things to face to face.

    The second message could be the same thing. Maybe the timing is right to move ahead with new meds, or deeper therapy. Or maybe time to look for a new job, or something that you have been putting off like moving out on your own if your living with your parents or family or friends.

    I know I automatically see negative things in messages and signs because that is where I am. And no one can convince me otherwise. But yet logic kicks in at some point and I see there has to be two sides to every coin. Or in this case several meanings to one message. I know it's confusing to say the least. But you have to really search out all the possibilities and not act on just one.

    Sorry probably only confused you more. But then again we are all only human and that is already so screwed up(lol).
  3. SelfMadePrison

    SelfMadePrison Banned Member

    I think you are wise to hold onto the not believing this sort of thing in the context to what your thinking.. that screams self fulfilling prophecy.. I think if you examine your life and reflect on those who have been around you may get a vastly different interpretation... you are letting your conscious try and dictate an interpretation... tread carefully in this realm.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Your letting a piece of paper guide your thinking something that was written in thousands and stuck in a cookie. No i have no faith in that What i have faith in is the inner strength to change things to see things as they are and to try to do what is needed to make things better. Only you can guide your life not a piece of paper.
  5. PoisonS

    PoisonS Well-Known Member

    The thing about stuff like that is, even if it were some type of real fortune telling (Which I highly doubt) people can interpret things any way they want to see them.

    For instance someone who was in love could think it meant a love letter.

    I wouldn't put too much stock into it. Don't kill yourself because of a cookie.
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