Can Someone Listen?

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    Um, Hello.. This is actually the first time i've written on a message board.. It's just, I can't talk to anyone else..

    My name is Zanaria.. I am 14 years of age.. I hate being in public.. I hate going to parties. I hate talking to people outside of the internet.. Because of my lack of social skills, i've been targeted numorous times.. Even by my family members. I am often called lazy, and a slob. My family wants me to be "normal" like them.. I have different opinions than them which often leads to arguements..

    I had attempted suicide I believe 4 or 5 times (I can't remember..) in the past 5 years.. I tried to overdose on pills, and on the third attempt I was admitted to a mental asylum..

    The treatment there wasn't in the least bit helpful.. My first day, people pointed and laughed at me.. Few days later, I got beat up by one of the other teenage girls named, Renee.. On my last night there, my two roomates tortured me.. I was so happy to leave.

    My most recent attempted, I wrote a suicide note in the notes sections on my ipod, and was saying goodbye to all the amazing people I've met on Tumblr.. They asked me where was I going, and i told them I wanted to die..
    They responded with messages telling that i shouldn't do it.. But, I had already took the pills.. 4/5 of a regular sized perscription bottle.. I talked to them all in a little chat room I made in Chatzy, and stayed up all night talking to them, even though I had to go to school in the morning..

    But, lately i've been thinking about it again, mostly due to my sister yelling and cursing me out about how useless i am..

    I already know I'm a completely useless teenage girl.. Nothing I do, ever pleases anyone.. I wish I could be perfect in their eyes.

    Can someone please just listen?
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    I am glad you found us Zanaria. Lots of people here to listen, and if you want to offer advice on how have dealt with similar situations. Please come here when you need to talk or visit the chat room.

    Take Care and Be Safe

  3. total eclipse

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    I hear your sadness hun It is good you have some friends to chat with on line it helps. Your family hun i am sorry they say cruel things to you can you talk to a teacher someone you trust how you are feeling. We are here ok so you keep posting and talking here you won't feel so alone hugs
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    Just want you to know we're listening. :hug: